30-Minute Free Holiday Strategy Building Session

Are you an entrepreneur who is wondering where the year went to? Are you looking at your year end and realized you had not done enough marketing to be in a position to sell for the holidays? As a result, are you starting to “sell” on social media or email campaigns with little or no success?

Instead, take a second to imagine if your current relationships on Facebook brought you the following results:

1. Business Page fans that bought from you for the holidays.
2. A Facebook Group members that bought from you for the holidays.
3. Content that attracted your Facebook Fan’s friends to buy from you.

Is it too good to be true to make your end of year sales? It is not! I am hosting the 4 Tips to Quickly turn Relationships into Sales just in time for the Holidays.

Five years ago, when the end of the year snuck up on me, and I had not met or came close to my sales goals. Somehow the year had passed me by, and I needed to make sure I had substantial owner’s draws through the holiday season. Could I make my year end through my current social media pages, did I do enough to have relationships built to sell at the end of the year?

So, I instead of having a plan, I fell back into what I knew… I sent a panicked sales email to sell a social media strategy plan discounted rate to my email list. Guess what? It did not work; I had been growing this list besides my social media for a year and nothing, no one bought a thing. It was awful, who would have thought I was a social media expert based on the dismal results of that campaign.

After that first year, I swore I’d not be in the same position the following year. Well, I was, and it took me another two years to stop going on the end of the year roller coaster ride. I figured out that I could not do the last minute, OMG, if I wanted to build a year long sustainable business, and I developed a plan that I could use anytime of the year to create sustainable sales through the relationships I made via social media.

You will learn:

  1. How to build fast relationships to help you sell in time for the holidays from your current fans and friends of fans.
  2. Pay less for Facebook ads that work.
  3. Create content that strikes up a conversation that turns into sales leads.
  4. How to have a higher open rate of messages than your current email list.

This webinar is for entrepreneurs who are just realizing the Summer has passed them by, and now you have to get serious about bringing in money; entrepreneurs who have Facebook fans on their business page and members in their groups, but hear the sound of crickets when you post anything.  And finally, this webinar is for an entrepreneur who has an open email rate that is just not worth sending them a message.

The best part of this all of what I’m giving away, it’s saving you $300! That’s right, between the training and strategy call, it’s saving you $300 to use on your Facebook relationship building formula. What could you do with a $300 ROI?

Still, don’t think this FREE webinar isn’t for you? Think about one of my favorite quotes before you pass this up: You will miss all the chances you don’t take!

Seriously, if you are afraid to sign up and not be on the call due to a scheduling conflict, don’t worry. Whether you can make it or not, you can watch the replay when it’s sent out in 24 hours.

Anyone who signs up for the live webinar will get an additional bonus. You will get a link within 24 hours to set-up for a bonus 45-minute free strategy session before I open up the rest of my time slots to those who register late.

What do you get for signing up?
– One-hour free webinar on how to turn your Facebook Group and Business page into your largest relationship building sales platform.
– A 30-Minute Free Holiday Strategy Building Session

All you have to do is click the button below to signup…

PS – Still afraid this is not for you, do me a favor and send me an email so I can answer all of your concerns to wendy@socialabundancemarketing.com.