4 Ways to Make Twitter Work for You!


Twitter – Great content in a 140 characters or less.

I don’t know why, but I always want to rename Tuesdays, Twitter Tuesdays. I feel it has a nice marketing ring to it. Yet, I know that some business owners would like to think Twitter doesn’t exist, never mind reminding them every Tuesday to concentrate their marketing around it. Yet, even those business owners can be successful Twitter.

1. Your Twitter Profile – Your bio on Twitter should be short and direct. Potential followers should be able to type in keywords related to your job or industry and be able to find you based on how you optimize your bio. As important as your bio is your cover photo and profile picture matter on Twitter too. People do not like to following others that have not taken time out to add a logo or personal picture into their profile. You can pick a custom color for your Twitter cover photo, but I say take the next step and add a custom cover photo that represents you or your company along with a call to action.

2. Follow/Follow Back – Do you want to be a superstar or a connector on Twitter? If you want superstar status follow less people than follow you. It’s harder to grow an organic following that way, but it is possible. If you want to grow organically and steadily do daily searches of others you would like to have follow you. You may want to search your competitors and follow their followers. Once they follow you back, welcome them to start a conversation. You just don’t know who will become a new brand advocate, because you take the time to engage them.

3. Hashtags – Twitter’s hashtag system allows a user to follow specific conversations. Hashtags are a great way to interject your brand into trending conversations. Twitter hashtags are also a great way to find out what is the latest and greatest in your industry. If you are blogging I would suggest before you tweet out your next blog post to Google search what are the most popular tweets in your industries. Last, but not least, if you are running an event, create a hashtag for it. Write out your hashtag, but then marry it with another more popular hashtag, such as the city of the event, or a popular one from your industry. This will help be found until your unique one starts to get noticed.

4. Be active – Twitter is for the active and engaging. If you tweet once a month or only once a day Twitter may not be the right social network for your brand. Don’t spam, but realize that you should be sharing your content; your follower’s content, and talking with other Twitter users. That will not happen in a tweet a day. Find your tweet rhythm and go with it.

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