5 Social Media Trends in 2014


Using some of the trends below will help your social media tree grow abundantly.

Are you wondering what the Social Media Trends in 2014 will look like? Many things won’t change and other things, well we have no way of knowing yet.  What really might be trending by the end of the year may not even be thought of or just in the beta stages. A great example is when Pinterest seemingly came out of nowhere.

I digress, so let’s get to those trends..

1. It’s a New Year and last year trend of pictures, pictures, pictures will continue being the trend on all your social media outlets. Yet, don’t rule out videos. Whether you choose to take short videos on Instagram or Vine, or you are having them professionally done… Social Media is trying to bring in your visual and auditory senses like never before.

2. Another thing that you will not be able to ignore this year is social media is not free for businesses. As a matter of fact, each social media site is putting more and more emphasis on how to better their ad units for you. If you have problems with spending money on social media, think about how much money you would have spent on the yellow pages or newspaper ads in the past.  Even though, it is true that ad impressions are costing more than ever, know that it is still one of the cheapest games in town. They reach more people and can be highly targeted.

3. Track it or forget about it. If you are going to play with Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest advertising, make sure you are tracking your conversion rates. You will want to put the money where your getting the most conversions. You will find out what content is important, what type of savings your customers want, and what will really bring you in the ROI you are looking for.

4. Spam needs to go. Your larger social media sites are not going to tolerate it. It will be hidden and you will not get the conversions you were hoping for. Here is always my bench mark for posting in social media? I ask the question, “Who cares”? Will your reader care about another link just posted on with no commentary? Probably not. Social Media readers want to be touched and have things seem relatable to them, they want to laugh, and post things that their friends will care about. They want to be engaged.

5. Make it real. The best marketing is real-time. Search trends and get your brand to jump into the conversation. I see too often, that people forget the holidays and continue to schedule out their sale links. I will see the Grammy’s or Emmy’s on, and yet I will see post about miscellaneous things you could post any other day. When your audience sees this they feel exactly like it looks, like you don’t care or worse off, that you are not relevant in the real-time world.

If you are interested in coming up with a strategy on how to get the most out of your Social Media in 2014, please contact me at wendy (at) socialabundancemarketing.com. Also, look for new blog posts coming out soon on Google+, Google, and what it is really like to be a Social Media Manager.

Zora Neale Hurston
Happy New Year!!!!

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