5 Steps to Marketing 101 for the New Entrepreneur

Marketing 101

This morning, I was speaking to someone, and they began to tell me how they find it difficult to write social media posts that capture everyone from the high school student to their ideal long-term client. It got me thinking about how many people struggle with finding the right words, brand, and ultimately marketing tools. So, I have devised five steps to help the novice marketer out.     

Know your niche. – One of the first things I learned in marketing, a company that wants to be successful needs to do one thing well, specialize in that one thing, for that one favorite target market, and you will make money. The entrepreneurs who struggle in marketing are trying to be too many things to too many people.

When someone knows their who his or her target markets are they take the time to know and understand the mind of his or her target market, he or she knows why his or her target market stays up at night. Good marketers know at what phase they are going to call and ask for help, they understand it is their job to have marketed so well, that their company is the company they call to provide them their solution.

Know the difference between business building and relationship marketing. – This confuses many young companies. They confuse sales with marketing or business building with relationship marketing. Business building is when you are actively selling to bring in immediate clients to pay your current bills. Relationship marketing is building relationships with individuals before them knowing they need you.

When you market via relationship building, you are planting in the minds of others that you are there for them, before they even know they will need you. It is a useful tool because when they figure out they need you, they will call you.

Be yourself. – Strange thing about marketing, we want to make sure our brand is out there. We want our logos recognized; we want people to feel good when they see it. So, we put all this emphasis on writing from a brand standpoint and forget that when one human reads our content, they want a real person behind it.

So, the next time you are going to write that very sterile post on social media, think about does this post have some of my character behind it. Ask yourself, have I done at least one of the following, have I stated my opinion, have I revealed my story, how have I made this post, article, or blog relatable?

Listen more than you Speak. – This should be the golden rule everywhere, but especially in marketing. When we listen to our potential target market, we are placed in a position to problem solve within our marketing efforts. Problem-solving allows us to ultimately be very precise in our writing to answer the questions that keep your target market up at night. Problem-solving brings us the problem solvers the ability to create new products and services to market in the first place. All great companies come from an idea to not only solve a problem but find the best way to address a problem.

Be excited, but not pushy. – I do not know about you, but when I am about to buy from someone, I want their personality to be excited. Now, I realize the world is made up of all sorts of personality types, but for me, if the person who is out there marketing their products or service is not excited, I am not going to think of them when I am ready to buy.

Here is a hint that is served me well in marketing for years, if I am passionate about what I create in my business, how I create it, and with whom I create it for, I am going to end up selling more than if I am just doing it for a “job.” Marketing is no different, when I am passionate about what I am marketing, it will come through in my daily conversations, without selling or beating up people to buy from me.

My theory, be so good at marketing, that no one ever knows you setting up a sale down the road.

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