6 awesome benefits of asking for more online reviews

In the last blog post we told the amazing story of an amazing group of doctors who went from having a very dysfunctional relationship with online reviews to absolutely embracing the process of asking for them and seeing wonderful results including a 6-fold increase in their 5 star Google reviews, among other things,.  There have been all sorts of awesome effects from their renewed love for reviews, all thanks to the simple system to collect them that we helped to create and execute.

And it can work for your business or practice too!  What benefits can you expect if you get in front of this, confidently ask your happy clients for reviews, and create a streamlined system around doing it?  Well, for starters, here are six of the best things to happen to those doctors thanks to their supercharged online reviews:

  1. The doctors were starting to be highlighted for their expertise. They suddenly loved reviews, especially when their patients unexpectedly told stories of their kindness and healing methods.
  2. We started adding the reviews to their social media posts, highlighting different offices and doctors in the practice.  It was a content goldmine.
  3. Other patients who saw the reviews started sending us private messages sharing their experience and how happy they were, which gave us even more great stories to share.
  4. Their visibility skyrocketed, and they stayed at the top of their patients’ minds. When people asked for recommendations on their personal Facebook pages, past patients would remember to recommend them.
  5. The increased volume of positive reviews caused them to appear much higher in many Google searches for their expertise, which helped give them a steady stream of new patients.
  6. The reviews and comments are full of keywords which organically improve SEO in your local area without having to do any of the pesky SEO tweaking that everyone loves so much!

Those are 6 fantastic results experienced by the doctors from increasing their review gathering system, and that is all in addition to their already high level of online visibility and optimization which puts them in front of the eyes of anyone searching for their specialty in their region of 50,000 people.  Reviews are just one of the areas we addressed to help them continue to improve their online visibility, lead generation, and new patient conversion. They may not have the budget or the reach of the big hospitals, but they do have our masterful tactics and team supporting them so they can easily play in that league.

Want to find out how your office can have these results? Fantastic!  I invite you to contact me for a clarity call to see how Social Abundance Marketing can increase your visibility and patient numbers through a review system of your own, and so much more. 


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