6 Quick Facebook Fixes to Boost Your Results

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Facebook insights are chalk full of good information.


It’s not a secret how much I love Facebook Marketing. Yet, for all the love that I have, I realize many business owners are frustrated, because they feel like they getting no results on their business page. Below, I’m sharing 6 Quick Facebook Fixes to help you achieve better results.

1. Content – Create a Facebook Content Calendar and stick with it. You don’t have to get fancy, just set up topics you would like to discuss each week. This way, you won’t be scratching your head about what you should post.

2. Photos – Make sure when you post on Facebook use a picture that tells a 1,000 words. You don’t have to make every post into a picture post, but I would marry a graphic to your posts at least twice a week. I would also watermark them by placing your website URL in the bottom right corner. You can edit photos easily on one of my favorite sites: PicMonkey.

3. Links – Nothing is more frustrating on Facebook to me than seeing a business share a random link and have no description on why your followers should pay attention to it. If you want people to notice the link you are sharing write something worth noticing. Next, ask them nicely to click the link they see below.

4. Posting Times – In my humble opinion Facebook has the best social media site analytics. Use them! One of the better analytics is the ability to find out when the majority of your fans are online. While you are in your business page, click insights, then click posts. You will see a graph with each day of the week. If you hover over a day, you will see the times of the day you have the most people online. (Check this stat weekly.)

5. Do what works – Right under posting times in analytics, it shows you each of your last 5 posts. Next to each post it tells you the type of post, the type of targeting, reach, and types of engagement. See, which posts are doing the best. Play with your content calendar to create similar types of post. Essentially, give your fans what they want.

6. Facebook Ads – Each Facebook post has a shelf life of about 2 hours. You can extend the life of a post by making it into a targeted ad. Be choosy which posts you make into ads, because not every post is ad worthy. I suggest creating your ads in the Power Editor which can only be accessed through Google Chrome. The Power Editor has the best targeting abilities on Facebook.

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