Wendy Manganaro

Founder / Attraction Community Coach

Helping frustrated heart-centered entrepreneurs attract, resonate, and engage with their social media community so that they can feel more productive and stress-free.

Have you ever had a moment of clarity?

A pinnacle point in your life that has changed you into the person you always wanted to be? An event so ground breaking that it changes everything that you feel, think, and do?

Wendy Manganaro, Founder of Social Abundance Marketing, had just that. In one afternoon, Wendy realized she was not being true to herself and her beliefs. Wendy believes that every woman can have it all, within a week of that realization, she started Social Abundance Marketing.

Social Abundance Marketing believes all women in business can be socially successful. Wendy a natural born coach, speaker, and trainer takes her client’s business success and aligns it with a social media strategy that works for you. Wendy Manganaro of Social Abundance Marketing strategically coaches you on how to place your unique business content onto social media platforms in a way that engages the public at large and builds long lasting relationships.

Essentially, Social Abundance Marketing takes the stress of social media. Wendy’s easy going coaching style helps you come up with a social media marketing plan, content calendar, and coaches you on how to make your content social media friendly, Wendy is there every step of the way. She has the ability to help you go from not being sure social media is right for your company to having you excited about it.

The great thing about working with Wendy Manganaro is that she also shows you how to verify your work is abundant by patiently explaining your social media analytics, so you can learn and grow from them.

You will know what styles of content works for your campaigns and what doesn’t, you also will have a rhyme and reason for creating a social media campaign. Lastly, Wendy will be there to celebrate your social media successes.

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