Alisha Leytem

Alisha Leytem is a transformational wellness coach, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, speaker, reiki practitioner and CEO of Alisha’s Appetite for Wellness.

She is the founder the Wellness Connection Tribe– a community and movement for women struggling with stress, anxiety and low self-worth who are craving connection, health and happiness within themselves.  She provides the tools they need to transform their negative and self-limiting beliefs about themselves and their lives so they can truly change and live a life they’re passionate about.

Through her 1:1 coaching programs, workshops, yoga classes, meditations, writings, videos and more-  she teaches others how to do the “inner-work” to create a life full of passion, happiness, confidence and fulfillment. …inside and out. Alisha deeply believes that when you take care of yourself and honor your needs, you can recover the joy that is missing in your life.

Join the tribe and take the free 7 Day Challenge to Manage your Stress and Cultivate a Calm Mind.

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