Amy Holley

Join Wendy Manganaro tomorrow as she talks with Amy Holley from HolleyWrap. You will find out if a Gift is just a Gift or a Lost Art.

Amy Holley is a Louisville Native, married to AJ Holley. She is a Mom to two daughters, Lynda and Lauren and grandmother to Jacob, Jerek and Addyson.

Amy received her BS in Clinical Laboratory Science from Spaulding University and a Masters in Education from the University of Louisville

Prior to opening Holley Wraps, Amy spent 15 years at area hospitals and UofL in research and teaching centers. Adding to her long list of success, she spent 7 years with GE Appliances in the areas if training & development, marketing and customer service.

Currently, HolleyWrap is 7 years old and growing.  Initially, it was a gift wrapping service that has grown to be a premier ‘full service’ gift provider for local businesses.  We shop … we wrap … we deliver!

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