Being Authentic in a Digital World

I work in the world of social media marketing and can spend too much time caring about what people think. To the point it where it has stopped me from writing a post or putting myself out there in an authentic way when it comes to my business. I think it comes from my upbringing. I came from a family who believed that you didn’t share family secrets (and most things were family secrets or at least it felt that way to me as a child.). I grew up in a family who constantly questioned, “What would people think?”

Today, I can see it came from a place of being afraid to be judged based on the fact that I was part Puerto Rican and from an early age, I knew that I was not to share about that. “People” would think different about you and not like you based on these two dirty words, “Puerto Rican”.

So, fast forward to our culture today, where you hear things like,

“They share too much on the internet.”

“They put all their business out there.”

“Social Media depresses me because all my friends have better lives than me.”

“I’m so sick of all the negativity on social media.”

All those statements are judgments, so how do you put yourself and your business out there without feeling judged?

  1. You make a decision about who you are.
  2. You make a decision what you are comfortable with sharing about yourself when it comes to your business.
  3. And then you release yourself from caring about what others think because your tribe needs to read or watch what you have to say.  

As businesswomen, we seem overly fearful about what others think, instead of standing in who we are and what we do well, and why we do it well. Where we come from has helped us get to where we are today, it makes us real and relatable. Realizing that some are going to judge us based on the 5 seconds they see our post, but we also need to recognize, how important is that stranger made a comment on our post, as long as we know who we are and our colleagues and clients know who we really are the most important thing.

Instead, be bold, be you, and don’t give a shit! Those who want to work with you will, those who don’t, won’t, and it will be okay. We live in an abundant world with plenty of business, so you don’t have to be everything to everyone, just create content for those who will walk in your life and see your brilliance.  

So, here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I am part Puerto Rican and you’d never know it by looking at me.
  2. I am a Jersey girl living in a Kentucky world.
  3. I have an MBA.
  4. I help run our family’s nonprofit, besides my full-time marketing company.
  5. I used to feel bad that my household was non-traditional until I changed my mindset and said, this is our normal and it works for us.

Here is what I have realized. All the things above have helped me become a better business person and I can’t push one thing away to fit into someone’s else’s ideology of what their normal is? I celebrate their normal and how they use it for social media marketing, but I can’t do that unless I celebrate mine too. Once I do, I can move from being judgemental into seeing where we are all the same in many areas.

How will you open up your story so your audience can get to know you better today?

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