Captain Marvel Taught Me 4 Mindful Business Tips


I went to see Captain Marvel with my family recently and when it was over, I decided that every woman in business should see the movie. Aside from being a really fun movie, I think there are things every businesswoman can glean from Carol Danvers transformation into Captain Marvel. I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone, I do want to share some of my takeaways.


In one of the early scenes, Captain Marvel was being trained to control her abilities.  For her, that translated into not focusing on the past, not questioning the present, and keeping her emotions under control at all times. For her being out of control was a weakness that would keep her from moving ahead in her mission.

The truth of the matter is that I have “lost it” in business. I’ve certainly been able to maintain my professionalism, there are when I had to take some time to regroup and collect myself. I do ask questions when things don’t feel right in my business. The past is useful to me when making decisions since I have the benefit of wise decisions and revised decisions. By building on experience I’m able to avoid situations that haven’t worked well for me before. Most importantly, I can own my authenticity. I can make sure my clients know me as a whole person. I can share my story with my audience to create a connection but also to show them that I understand how they feel, what their challenges are, and how to overcome them as I share my stories honestly. That transparency is my power because it is what creates and maintains my connection with my ideal client.


For part of the movie, our heroine doesn’t know who she is. She pieces together her past and, in the process, she moves from being isolated to reconnecting with an old friend who could provide the grounding and the support she needed to grow. It’s easy to get lost, especially when you’re leading a small business. It’s our choice whether we let rejection convince us to take on the world alone or to set our sights and our intention toward those who love and support what we do. By reaching out to current and past clients and by nurturing relationships with those who understand and appreciate who you are and what you’re about, you’ll find yourself encouraged and empowered to fly higher!


The best part of the Captain Marvel Movie for me was watching how Carol dealt with the questions surrounding those around her who weren’t authentic and who didn’t have pure motives. How many times do we second guess our gut in the moment? Have you ever taken on a client that you knew wasn’t a good fit from the start? Have you lowered your price and regretted it daily? Have you gotten yourself into a drama-filled situation because you didn’t separate your compassion for the individual with your common sense as a professional? Learning to take a breath and not make decisions from a place of lack or fear is crucial. When you focus on abundance, you’ll recognize the client that isn’t a fit and will be happy to refer them elsewhere to leave a space open for the client you can serve most effectively and who will compensate you what you’re worth.


Captain Marvel became the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe when she finally accepted and embraced her truth and rejected the negativity and fear. Yes, she had to move away from those who would use and mislead her, but she also had to shut down her own doubts and self-defeating beliefs.

You are the super hero of your own business every day. One of the practices that helps me keep my mindset positive is to keep a journal affirming where I am going. Each morning I write my beliefs and put the universe on notice. By stating my intentions as if they are happening now, I set my mind on success and leave no room for fear and doubt to grow. Here are some examples of my “I AM” statements:

“I am worthy of a successful business.”

“Potential clients seek me out daily.”

“My payments are on time every time.”

“I joyfully pay my business expenses and am never in debt.”

“I attract money to my business daily.”

“I show up each day to work on and in my business, to assure it’s a success.”

By matching my energy and enthusiasm to my intentions, I create the perfect environment for success. When I trust my intuition, experience, and those who empower me, I claim my own power. I share my story honestly. I am unafraid and unapologetic in my authenticity because I know that it will attract those who can benefit from my experience. What can you do today to use your power to connect with those who need your services?

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