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Working with Wendy improved my understanding of social media, maximized my ability to streamline connections and communication for current and future projects, and made what seemed like a daunting task fun and enjoyable. Since my training with Wendy, I feel more confident in the social media marketing world and don’t fret trying new things as I trust that I always have her as a resource. Thank you Wendy for everything you have done and continue to do to support me, my staff, and my business.” – Charette Prosthodontics (LinkedIn Recommendation)

Jyme Charette approached us right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  He was starting his practice from scratch, with opening day just over half a year away.  Hi literally had nothing.  They bought all their equipment at the very beginning. 

Jyme was hesitant to commit to a run of the mill marketing plan. As a Prosthodontist who prides himself on genuine and authentic relationships with patients and referring dentists, it was very important to Jyme that their content and marketing strategies exemplify his desire to support and build true partnerships based on trust and community. Wendy was able to offer expertise and reassurance to create messages and strategies that were on point with these goals.

Here was his challenge: He had parted ways with his previous partner and wanted to open up his own practice so that he and his team could do things the way they wanted to, the way they knew was right.  Jyme had been in his previous partnership for 2 years and they had a strong digital and social media presence in their market.  He needed to distinguish himself as a new brand and with strong presence prior to opening after making a considerable investment into starting his new practice.  And he needed to do it FAST!  And, this happened right as the COVID-19 pandemic was turning everything sideways.  Also, prosthodontics is primarily a referral specialty.  Charette Prosthodontics needed a way to stay top of mind for a large network of dentists who saw him as a trusted, competent expert and ideal referral partner.  Also, he needed to build an entirely new email list and social media presence as they couldn’t come with him from the previous partnership.  Clearly we had our work cut out for us!

Here’s what we did…

Solution 1: Jyme became highly visible on LinkedIn, which is ideal for B2B and referral oriented industries.  Wendy had the brilliant idea of Charette Prosthodontics hosting weekly online classes covering prosthodontic topics relevant to dentists and hygienists.  This solution elegantly and effectively solved many problems at once:

  • The online format allowed Charette Prosthodontics to network during a difficult pandemic that suppressed many traditional networking venues while also allowing dentists and hygienists to continue their professional education at the same time
  • It dramatically increased his visibility and positioned him as a trusted and competent experpert in prosthodontics among an import referral base
  • The systemized registration process allowed Charette Prosthodontics to quickly and easily build a new email list to continue marketing efforts
  • Feedback from these online classes provided abundant material to create great testimonials, even without having begun to see patients

Solution 2: To increase excitement around opening, which was more than half a year away, Wendy guided the setup and content creation for Charette Prosthodontics’ Facebook page to help humanize and show their lighter side to the public.  The page has accumulated more than 100 followers per month, and posts which highlight the owners’ energetic personalities and the pride they take in their practice routinely garner dozens of positive reactions.

Solution 3: Charette Prosthodontics was also not afraid to leverage traditional methods of marketing to hit many referral partners who for various reasons would not respond to digital avenues of visibility.  They sent letters of introduction to all dentists within a five mile radius warming them to the prospect of a follow-up email.  When they did email shortly after sending the letters, the reception was much warmer and some of them asked for a referral pad right away!

Thanks to these creative and well-executed solutions Charette Prosthodontics began to fill their calendar with appointments from both new and past referring dentists even more than 2 months prior to opening their new practice.

Does this sound like you?  Are you opening a practice from scratch and in need of solid, effective, and creative promotional strategies to quickly build your lists, find referral partners, and start filling your appointment calendar, even months before you open the door?  Charette Prosthodontics shows you what is possible, and we would love to chat if you are in need of a similar solution.

Wendy can help achieve results like these in two ways.  She can create content and execute the strategy for you, or, for a more budget-friendly option, she can teach and guide you and your staff to do it yourself.  Charette Prosthodontics had great success with the second option – they did all of the heavy lifting themselves, secure in the knowledge that Wendy was in their corner 100% of the time providing the support, guidance, motivation, and out-of-the-box thinking that they needed along the way.  They did an amazing job!  They ran with everything Wendy told them to do, always with unending energy and enthusiasm.

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