Cindy Cipriani

“My guest today is Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Cindy Cipriani. Overcoming tremendous professional and personal obstacles have led her to become an expert in gaining clarity in times of heartbreak and confusion.

With her successful business ventures and experiences, she now trains corporate teams with her formula called “The 5 C Solution,” an empowering program for employers who are working to help staff manage any grief and emotional life changes that can also have ill-effects on the company. She also teaches individuals how to transform chaos and confusion into clarity when their lives change.

Author of, “Moving Past the Death of a Loved One,” and a soon-to-be released a new book entitled, “The 5 C Solution – The HOW TO When You Can’t Think Straight, “it is my pleasure to introduce, Cindy Cipriani of Clear Path by Cindy.”

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