What Does the End of Facebook Like-Gating Really Mean?

The End of FB like-gating?

> Facebook giveth and taketh away!

It’s the big news… Facebook is ending Like-Gating. So, what Does the End of Facebook Like-Gating Really Mean? It means that you can’t run a Facebook contest and get page likes as an entry. Which isn’t really news at all considering many third-party apps that only concentrated on different types of fan-gating have already merged with bigger systems. The reality is fan-gating has been an idea of the past for at least a year now.

Which may lead business page admins wondering, how are they going to get people to like their page?

1. Facebook Ads – Facebook means to make money from pulling Like-Gating. My advice don’t run ads just for likes, you won’t get very many. Run content engagement ads that are so awesome, you will get page likes as a side bonus. And, if you are worried about spending money on FB ads, think of it as an advertising budget shift, not an additional expense.

2. Contests – You can run two types of contests.

a. Facebook Page Post Contest – Where people can like and comment on a post for entry. What should not count for entries is page shares or page likes, but if you go back to the idea that the contest is awesome. You will have people like your page anyway. Please use a third-party app to pull the winner. I recommend… Facebook Flash Giveaway by Rafflecopter.

b. 3rd Party App Contests – I like Woobox for my contests. You can run everything from sweepstakes to video contests. Businesses can choose different ways to have people enter. The best way is via email, just make sure you write in the Contest Terms how you plan to use their email.

Think of it as a time to become more creative while having people like your business page. Try all or a combination of two and find out what works best for your potential audience.

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