Every Medical Office Needs a Reputation Management System


I love my doctor. I mean, I really love her, but unless I’m asked for a direct referral from a friend face-to-face, no one would know it. My doctor, like many practitioners today, is part of a larger medical group that produces very “sterile” marketing. Yes, sterility is vitally important in a clinical sense, but it is actually harmful in a human connection sense.

After every visit, I‘m sent an email to ask how the service was. I always answer honestly – and positively! – but unfortunately, no one outside of my doctor’s office ever sees it. In my experienced opinion, this is a lost opportunity. Here I am, a raving fan, and I have never been asked to share my praise on Google, Yelp, or Facebook.  

Why is this? My understanding is fear. Many doctors shy away from asking their patients to provide an honest public opinion of their service out of fear of the occasional negative review. And I understand this. If you look up your doctor, it’s true—someone unhappy may have left a bad review online.

But what led to that? What motivated the patient to draft and post such a negative review for all the world to see? Simply, it is because the doctor’s office had no system in place to monitor, manage, and improve their reputation. An online reputation management system would alleviate this fear – and take the sterility out of their bedside persona.

What is an online reputation management system? Simply, it is a consistent process that intentionally asks each patient for their honest opinion.  And then, it makes good use of the opinions that are received.

What you can expect from an online reputation management system, when coupled with a strategic marketing strategy:   

  • An improved Google rating
  • A treasure trove of content for your social media posts
  • Increased Google, Yelp, and/or Facebook rankings
  • Amplified word-of-mouth reviews—instead of a positive review being passed from one single person to another, like a game of “telephone,” hundreds of potential patients can see your positive review instantly, right from the source   
  • A reduction in the number of negative reviews that ever reach the internet  
  • And most importantly, improved customer service, which improves your quality of care!

A stand-alone reputation management system is helpful, but if you bring it online, alongside a strategic marketing strategy, you go from having an okay online brand to having a respected community persona that lives in mind of past, present, and future patients.  

We can help. If you have questions about medical reputation management systems, schedule a clarity call with us. Let’s get this in place and get the community buzzing about your medical office.

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