Upcoming Facebook Ad Changes

The other day, I went into run the winners of my clients split ad testing. I was thrilled because I finally got the right audience, placement, creatives, and then I saw the warning signs of upcoming Facebook Ad changes. Facebook is removing some precise targeting options. What does this mean for businesses everywhere and will it all go into effect?

Currently, Facebook is only warning advertisers that partner categories are going away, except if you are an advertiser in France, Germany, and the UK. They have entirely removed Partner Categories from advertisers in these countries. The data that Facebook advertisers were able to ascertain from Partner Categories were some interests, behaviors, demographics.

They are gradually doing the same thing in the United States. On July 2nd, Facebook will start to ask advertisers to agree to their new custom audience requirements. For instance, when downloading your company email list to be targeted in Facebook, Facebook will show the person seeing the ad a message asking them if they would like to know why they are viewing your ad. If they say yes, it will tell them because you signed up for their targeting company’s email lists. It is essential only to have emails on your list that permitted you to add them on the list. (Getting someone’s business card does not permit you to put that person on your email list.)  Businesses that work with advertising agencies will have to click that they have agreed to share their list with the advertising agency and the advertising agency will agree only to use the list for their client only.

On August 15th, new campaigns will no longer have the option to use Partner Categories. If you have campaigns already running with Partner Categories data, you can use that data until September 15th, when all Partner Categories data will be removed from the platform.

So, what strategies do Facebook advertisers need to implement to counteract these Facebook Ad changes?

1. Download your email lists into Facebook to create a custom audience.)
2. Create a look-a-like audience from your custom audience.
3. Send out educational based videos to your look-a-like audience.
4. Place the Facebook pixel on your website.
5. Again create a look-a-like audience from those visiting your website.
6. Do not do cold sales ads to your look-a-like audiences. Create educational ads that engage your target market.
7. Create educational and sales ads to retarget website visitors and email list, recipients.
8. Don’t panic about these Facebook Ad changes; this is not the end of Facebook ads, you have to be aware that sales are never great from cold audiences, this way you get a target based on actual behaviors of your target market.



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