Facebook, Algorithms, and Bounce Rate

Are you proud of the last blog title you wrote? Did it generate click throughs from Facebook to your website? More importantly, was the information you wrote the post about really on your website? If it fell short of what your audience was expecting, Facebook will now be penalizing your future posts for it. That’s right; Facebook has added into their algorithm your website’s bounce rate.

1446068_26421276-300x173So, what is bounce rate? In short, bounce rate measures the amount of people who enter and leave your website on the page they come in on. If you have a high bounce rate, that means that people are scanning the information on the page and bouncing or leaving your website in seconds. If you have a low bounce rate, that means people like your content and are staying a long time on the page or leaving that page to explore other pages on your website.

If you have Google Analytics on your site, it does measures your site’s overall bounce rate and each individual pages’ bounce rate. Reviewing your bounce rate on a regular basis is recommended, because it will give you an opportunity to evaluate what pages your readers may want changed.

As for making sure you stay relevant on Facebook, below are 2 tips to stay on Facebook’s algorithms’ abundant side. 

1.  Don’t spam newsfeed with great titles, but empty content.

2. Have your content be so awesome on your website that they come back to Facebook to like, comment, and share what they just read.

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