Facebook Changes… Acceptance is the Answer

Facebook changes, one of many.

Just one of the Facebook changes, the new Social Graph.

If you haven’t heard, Facebook is going through a slew of “Facebook changes”. Essentially, Facebook is changing the look and feel of what we currently know. The first change that some of us have already switched over to is the Social Graph.

The next major announcement was that we will have a change in the personal timeline, we will be going back to tabs. After that, we heard that they added two features to their events. You can now put a link to buy tickets and add a cover photo.

They weren’t done there, they made the announcement that they were changing the news feed. That’s right, you will be able to have multiple news feeds. The ads will be bigger and the photos in ads will be larger. After that, rumors started that Facebook was going to add looped videos for advertisers. Today, the announcement was made that Facebook could be adding the all popular hashtags to their site.

So, what is one to do with all these Facebook changes? You could go through all 5 steps to acceptance. You know Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and finally Acceptance, or you could go straight to acceptance. It’s so much easier to stay in a state of acceptance and work on ways not to get overwhelmed by it all.

For instance, the best way to not get overwhelmed is to ask questions. Play with the changes and realize you can not break anything. Read updates when your time allows for it. If you do start to feel frustrated, because something is not working correctly for you on Facebook, while they roll out the changes, walk-a-way. Go back to it in a few hours or days, you when you can spend a little time on it.

In the meantime, feel free to ask how to questions on my Facebook page or on this blog. Acceptance is the answer to all these Facebook Changes, but right behind that is action.

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