Feeling Stuck? Lack of Money Isn’t Your Problem–Fear of Lack is!

Your business is doing well–only you’re not feeling it. You can’t seem to get over the hump. You’re right at the dollar amount where you feel stuck in business building and can’t shift gears into marketing mode. In your mind, it feels like you’ll ALWAYS be in this rut where you get a customer and lose a customer. You’re making a living but your lifestyle can’t change and you can’t get the help you need until you stop doing this one step forward two steps back cha-cha. You’ve decided that once you get past this point you can take the next big step, or add that missing piece until everything aligns and you’re finally…there. 

Congratulations! The solution is so much closer than you think because the solution is changing HOW you think! You’ve decided that freedom is just on the other side of a magical dollar amount when the reality is that freedom is just a shift in your thinking. The change you need isn’t in your income, it’s in your mindset. 

When you make the shift from lack-based thinking to a belief in abundance, you’re free to take the steps that enable growth! When you focus on lack, or need, or fear you listen to lies like these:

I don’t have enough money to hire that coach.

If you’re not starting your business in the hole, the chances are good that you DO have enough money for coaching–so are you holding on to it in fear or are you ready to invest in yourself and your business to get a guide to help you step up to the next level?

I don’t have enough money to buy a Facebook ad.

Facebook allows you to set the dollar amount of your ads and you choose a target audience and begin with a very small budget. The key is to take the time to learn the best methods to get a solid return on your investment. 

I don’t have enough money to get that website done.

How much do you think having an outdated website is costing you? Consumers are looking for a simple and easy way to hire you. If you’re making them work to get answers to their questions or to figure out the process to hire you, the chances are good you’re actually inviting them to find someone else to work with. 

I don’t have enough money to hire anyone.

For many entrepreneurs, this fear-based thinking is actually a decision not to grow. There’s only so much service an individual can offer! Often the extra touch, the quick follow up, the efficient system requires additional personnel. Many of my clients have found that a part-time employee to take care of administrative tasks was the beginning of the next level of growth for their business. By investing in someone to work just a few hours a week, they freed their time to take on a bigger project, land a bigger client, or market more consistently and effectively.

While none of us can afford to grow past our revenue, I want to encourage you to get honest about whether your decisions not to act are based on the reality of your financial position or the fear that there won’t be enough. Ask yourself honestly how much time you could invest in growing your business if you outsource some of your tasks. Isn’t it possible that with more time you’d be able to nurture your clients, ask for referrals, and go out on more effective sales calls?

A part of an abundant mindset is recognizing that there may be short-term trade-offs that position you for long-term victories. In my business, I’ve made a conscious decision to make a little less profit in the short-term, to free myself up to work on my business rather than in my business. By deciding to let go of some of the day-to-day tasks in my business, I’ve given myself the freedom to build my business beyond my personal limits. 

You got into business to lead–take the leap, and lead! Can you find an area in your business where you’ve been letting a “fear of lack” mindset keep you from taking the next step?

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