From Lazing to Grooving

This week my business coach called me lazy. I hadn’t been keeping up with my marketing–the marketing I need to do to make own business successful and abundant. Obviously, her statement has stuck with me. All who know me can be offended for me, but that won’t help me get my company back in the limelight. And she had good reason to say this–I’ve been full of excuses in each of our calls since October.  

This is a list of my excuses. Do any of these resonate with you

  1. Emotional Fatigue – I was hurt over a situation in my [family, friend group, romance, etc.]. You can fill in the blank, but the bottom line is that I had allowed negative feelings to become excuses for not writing content for my business. 
  2. Lack of Routine – I stopped doing my morning routine, and it found it threw my entire day off course. (Well, a whole bunch of days really.)
  3. No Place to Work – With my schedule change, I also lost my creative safe place. I found myself using workspaces where I could, and before long, I was using my temporary floating office situation as an excuse to put all “non-necessary” non-client work on hold. 
  4. No Idea What to Write – This excuse made me laugh, because… um, this is what I do for a living! (By the way, my business coach and I had worked out a fantastic plan before I got “lazy,” yet I was still producing radio silence.) 
  5. Blocked – And finally, in our call this week, I brought out the good old dig-down-deep excuse of “I’m blocked.” (And not as in, “I’m trapped under a heavy piece of furniture and don’t have use of my arms.”)  

I knew it had gotten really bad when I sat down with a client earlier this week and began to coach her on how to run an active online group. I went to my own group page to show her an example of an About Us. I was embarrassed to be faced with the fact I wasn’t following my own advice. My page was woefully out of date and my content was sparse.

So how does one combat this “laziness” when it comes to doing your own marketing?  

  1. Acknowledge there is a problem. 
  2. Make a decision to change it. 
  3. Look at your calendar – and write it in your calendar – to do something to improve your visibility, even if it’s simply a task to look for someone else to do it for you or to coach you through it. 
  4. Be honest with yourself about why you haven’t been on it. 
  5. Make a plan. This stops you from having to reinvent the wheel each time you sit down to write. You can simply refer to the decisions you’ve already made.
  6. Once you have a plan in place, put it on your calendar to work on it regularly, whether this is alone or with someone else.

These steps work. I’ve used them myself to get back in the groove. Everyone falls behind sometimes, but that’s no reason to stay behind. 

If you can relate to this blog and need help getting “unlazy,” give me a call or reach out online. One of my 90-minute intensive coaching sessions can put you back in your grove too.  — Wendy Manganaro, Socal Abundance Marketing

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