Fundamentals never change: how to choose the right coach for your business Part 3: What is INCIDENTAL?

I recently started my (long overdue) first business coaching group!  It’s been going great, and one of the reasons is that I don’t look for one-size-fits-all solutions, because I have found that they simply don’t exist.  We have to do the hard work of crafting a custom-fit strategy for each and every client, just like you do with each patient.  But they are all based on solid fundamentals, and you should click here to read my last blog about the 4 marketing essentials that never change and must always be present.  Then, there are the incidentals.  These are the things that people mistake for essential, but really don’t matter so much.  In this post, we’re going to talk about those.

So, what doesn’t really matter so much in your marketing?

  1. Being on EVERY social media platform
    Yep! Relax 😉 So many doctors’ offices don’t do any social media, because they feel like if they do one they have to do all of them. The truth is that you don’t. And your ideal strategy may include one or maybe even none. Social media is a fabulous tool and is often part of an effective marketing strategy. But, in getting to know your target market, you may realize that they are not on certain platforms, or any at all. For example, one of my clients sought to be consistent on Instagram and Facebook, but eventually realized the only reactions and real conversations she was having were on Instagram. So now she is focusing only on Instagram. You don’t have to be on every social media platform.

  2. Social Media Ads
    Do they work? Absolutely! Do I have every client do them? No! As a matter of fact, I just helped one client save $270 a month because he was better off getting LinkedIn Sales Navigator than the ads we ran on LInkedIn. His connections are top-notch and we are seeing actual partnerships happen because he is building a relationship with them. Yet, another office was saved by having Facebook ads, because so many of their patients and potential patients were kept up to date about how they were servicing patients during the time when our state was closed down due to COVID.

  3. A website
    So many companies build a website first. And they are effective, but not if no one ever finds it. The mistake I see so many companies make is to build beautiful websites and completely neglect SEO (search engine optimization). They haven’t told a soul they are opening except a few friends and family. They have not taken any of the necessary steps to drive traffic to their website, and so they might as well not even have one. My recommendation is this: you can sell without a website, but you can’t sell if you are not visible where your target market hangs out. If you have a website, but it doesn’t have SEO, it’s like having a storefront that faces a brick wall at the end of a dark alley. No one will know it’s there unless you have a sign on the busy sidewalk pointing down the alley. Websites can work, but you need to make sure they work, and it might be better to invest your valuable time and money into other kinds of promotion.

  4. Perfection
    You probably find this to be an odd addition to the list, but I can’t tell you how many business owners wait to share about their upcoming whatever until it’s perfect. Don’t do that. You may never get to the perfect state. Every time I run a new promo, I study past results and make the necessary changes for the next time. This way the process isn’t held up and the new offer, new group, etc. doesn’t stall and halt my business from moving forward. A good example of this… I made two beautiful landing pages for my first small group this last time. People went to the landing page because I know how to send qualified traffic there, but you know where I sold every person in the group? From private one to one calls, all leads I got from building relationships on LinkedIn. We will have no landing pages this time around. I will have one to one conversations and send proposals. My audience does not want extra steps. When they are ready to buy, they are ready to sign. There is no perfection, only progress from observing past results.


Remember that marketing, like life, comes down to a few simple truths.  Respect them and you will flourish; neglect them and you will struggle.  All else is incidental, and will flow from the fundamentals.  So many of us mistake the incidentals for the fundamentals, and then we wonder why our marketing doesn’t work.  There is never a one-size-fits-all approach that will work for everyone, and anyone who claims to have found one is lying to you!  A good business coach will always start with the fundamentals and then craft the ideal strategy from there.  It’s what I work very hard to be, and it’s why my clients get results.  Not sure where to start?  I’m always available to talk.  I’ll help you cut through the noise and see what is essential for you so the next steps are easy and effective.


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