Good Customer Experience Doesn’t Just Happen

Close your eyes for a moment and think about the last experience you had with your most recent client. Would you say it was an amazing experience for them? Did you give them exactly what they asked for – nothing less and nothing more – or did you go out of your way to create a rich, positive, robust customer experience? Now, think about your most recent customer (or potential customer) online experience. How does it compare? 

Most small businesses do well when it comes to in-person interactions, but struggle in bringing that same experience to their online service. Do you know how to take your online customer experience to the next level? 

Here’s a breakdown of little things you can do to hit the ball out of the park for your customer’s online experience. 

  1. Social Media Content – Provide valuable tips, tricks, ideas, and solutions. Many business owners worry that they’re giving away too much information, but at the end of the day, most customers (and potential customers) don’t want to do what you do themselves. But they do want to know that you know what you’re talking about and are not afraid to share your value.
  2. Social Media Ad Funnels – Make sure that when you run your ads, you aren’t asking your potential customers to buy from you before they know what you offer and how good you are. Make them see your value first, then the sale will close itself. Imagine going to a networking event and someone you’ve never heard of starting off with, “Buy from me; I’m offering a discount.” It would probably turn you off. In short, don’t do that with your social media marketing. Make sure your ads hit your true target market–vet your audience based on a lookalike audience that has liked similar services or products. 
  3. Facebook Messaging – Facebook Messaging is a gold mine for customer care and service opportunities. But if someone messages your page and you take a month to respond, or ignore them altogether, it’s the same as ignoring a potential customer standing right in front of you. Also, make sure you set up frequently asked questions within Messenger so your potential customers can easily ask you want they want to know. Once someone has messaged your page, offer them the same exclusive email information that your email list gets. 
  4. Reviews and Recommendations – Let’s say you’ve just received a raving review or recommendation on Google or Facebook. (Good job!) Now acknowledge it on the post. Send them something as a thank you. If they’ve taken the time to rave, you can take the time to praise them for it. Everyone wants to feel good about going out of their way to do something nice. 
  5. Get involved. – Many think about their own social media content only in regard to what they will post about themselves and what they are selling. Get involved in groups and read questions and posts from others. Answer questions and help the people in those groups. This lets other members see that if you are available and attentive in a group, you will be in real life too. It makes them want to be your customer so they have the same attentiveness you showed online.

The total customer experience doesn’t just happen. It’s planned and executed – both in-person and online. If you need help coming up with a winning online customer experience plan, contact me for a 90-minute intensive planning session. Don’t leave your customer experience to chance; let’s make it great. — Wendy Manganaro, Social Abundance Marketing

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