Good Things Come to Those Who DON’T Wait!

Your complete step-by-step social media promotion guide to opening your office with a full appointment calendar


In this post, you’ll learn:

  • How we coach clients to incredible success before they even open the doors of their new practice
  • The #1 mistake most doctors make when opening their new practices that keep their appointment calendars empty
  • Our exact, step-by-step promotion plan to help you book up your appointment calendar before you even open your doors
  • Why it’s important to have support and guidance for your promotions before you open your office and how we can help you

I recently coached a medical practice to INCREDIBLE success before they even opened their doors during the worst worldwide pandemic of the last century.  No easy feat, but you can do it too if you follow my proven step-by-step formula for opening your practice.  You can read more about this fantastic case study here.  They had a full appointment calendar and gave out referral pads left and right before they even opened their office, all during COVID-19!  Are you wondering how they did it?  Read on for a step-by-step formula to opening your office with a full appointment calendar.


Important note: while this plan is specifically about opening a new business or medical practice, the same general concept and strategy can and should be applied to promoting any significant event or launch in your business, from a book, to a podcast, to a new product line, a new staff member, new website, etc.  If you want to launch anything successfully, you need to focus on a promotional plan far in advance of the event.


Let’s boil it down to one central principle.  You’ve undoubtedly heard the old chestnut, “Good things come to those who wait.”  Well, if you are launching anything new in your business, you can toss that out, because in that case, it’s completely wrong.  


Your mantra is: Good things come to those who DON’T wait.  Waiting to start promotion is the #1 mistake most doctors make when they begin new offices.


We all find reasons to wait – our psychology looks for starting points and justifies putting off action until they arrive.  Starting points like opening the store, beginning the practice, opening a new office, launching the website, etc.  But it won’t serve you here.  You need to start early and go strong during the entire run-up.


If you don’t want to be underwhelmed and disappointed on opening day, you need to start promoting and engaging your target audience MONTHS in advance.


What follows is your successful roadmap to the promotion of your new practice.  I encourage my clients who are opening new offices to start this six months before opening the door, and the results speak for themselves.


While it may seem too early to think about your social media promotion, this time is CRUCIAL.  It allows you to take them on the complete journey of working toward that event, and your audience will reward you with engagement, feedback, energy, referrals, and bookings.


There are so many ways to use social media during the run-up to your new office.  Do market research.  Ask questions: test paint colors and other design concepts.  Find out what’s easiest for people when it comes to your office logistics and operations.  One client even had the playful idea to post about a new office plant and invite page followers to offer a name.  They got dozens of responses, and the energy was fantastic!


Other social post ideas you can do during this time are before and afters,  office walkthroughs, and don’t forget to Introduce staff. When you get your lease, share a photo of you signing it.  Reveal the office location and tour the neighborhood.  Show what else is nearby, so people recognize where you are and start to make plans to patronize other businesses in the area.


The possibilities are endless!


That can also be overwhelming, and we want to make it easy for you, so here is…


Your complete step-by-step 6-month guide to promoting your new office or practice!


Six months prior 

  • Get your branding in order
  • Create a social media account(s) and set up your business page(s)
  • Announce that you are opening soon (but don’t say when!)  


Five months prior 

  • Start to offer virtual classes to add value to the community so that people get to know you and your brand.  Virtual classes will allow you to capture client info to build your list (either for referral partners, customers, or both).  Virtual classes also let your prospective referral partners pick your brain, and educate customers on some of your favorite topics, all while getting to know you.  In the end, it will help to build your list and position you as an expert in your field.
  • Facebook lives are extraordinary around this time, so they see your face.  Videos, in general, will help them start to like and trust you.


3 to 4 months prior

  • Show pictures of the signed lease.
  • Show before pictures of space.
  • Announce the location.
  • Show pictures of equipment as you get it.
  • Remember to take people through the whole journey of what you are doing and the practice you are building.


Two months prior

  • Start to announce and introduce staff.  
  • Start sending batch emails to those on the mailing list (many of whom are from those virtual classes you have run)
  • Announce updates like new staff, opening dates, grand opening information, when you will start taking appointments, and how to get a referral pad from you.


One month prior

  • Announce and describe your grand opening event (clarify that it is not the actual opening day of taking the first appointments).
  • Go outside and show people your location. Take a video of what the neighborhood looks and feels like, including some of the nearby businesses. Your clients will appreciate knowing that you are near other companies that they like.
  • Let them know your appointment book is starting to fill up.  Use subtle scarcity tactics to motivate them to make an appointment while there is space in your calendar.


Two-week countdown

  • Chronicle EVERYTHING you are doing to get to the opening, no matter how small.  That touchup on the wallpaper.  The last piece of equipment.  
  • Maybe you need a vacation at this point if you haven’t taken one in a few months.  Let people know about that, too and be sure to talk about how hard you have worked to get to this point, as well as how excited you are to be well-rested and rejuvenated when you start to meet your new clients and patients.


Day of the official opening

  • Make a high energy live video of you walking in to greet new patients.  
  • Show your front desk with a smiling person beyond it (or masked, friendly, and behind plexiglass if we’re still dealing with the pandemic).


Grand opening

  • Make sure you live video your entire grand opening.  If you need to do it virtually, we can help you design and run a very successful grand opening event entirely on Zoom that people will love.


So, what do you think?  Heck of a plan, isn’t it?  We know it works and recommends that you do this, or something very similar for your next office opening, new team member, book launch, website launch, or anything else around which you want to build energy and momentum.  Remember, good things come to those who DON’T wait!  Practices don’t fill themselves, but they will when you put energy and intention into creating and executing plans like this far in advance.  Your ideal clients will see the attention, love, and care you are lavishing on your practice, and they will understand you will take great care of them.


Do you want some help?  No problem.  Just reach out!  We’ll be in your corner the whole way, supporting you, cheering you on, giving you new ideas, and keeping you motivated and energetic.  Or, we can create the content for you.  It all depends on your personal needs.  We know it can be hard to go it alone, and that’s why we’re here to help if you need us.  Just reach out here.


Remember, when you are opening your practice, good things come to those who DON’T wait, so design your social media plan early, and watch your appointment book fill up with raving fans before you even open your doors.

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