Greta Cobb

This week is the first anniversary of Shaun Stephenson’s death. As a celebration of her life, I have asked her friend, Greta Cobb to be on the show today, the woman who celebrates life everyday!

Have you ever considered WHY is it that the people you meet keep reappearing in your life? Do you really believe that there are 7 billion on this earth plane? When you recognize that there is a new way to navigate through life- your transformation will transform YOU.

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In this session you will learn
How to release judgment, within YOU and through YOU by eliminating one word.
What is needed to propel harmony and peace in your life toward a greater humanity?
How to look at your past without shame and use it for your greatness?
How to demonstrate with grooviness?
Give yourself permission to demonstrate and heal your life and your world

Greta Cobb is the founder and CEO of DemonstrateYOU! empowering women to release their unique fingerprint to demonstrate globally. Greta Marcella Cobb, ordained minister, singer, researcher, spoken word artist, lover of life and life learner, writer, doctoral candidate in Metaphysics and Relationship Dynamics amongst a few of her gifts.

With over 20 years of spiritual studies and she combines her teachings with the “soulful inspiration from her beloved mentor, “The Godfather of Soul” James Brown, infusing YOU to “get the feeling”. If you have ne’vah been celebrated….get ready for your day of release as we celebrate YOU being ushered into your demonstration.

What she knows for sure, YOU will in this life Demonstrate YOU!

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