How To Build A Business You Love, According To Your Creative Entrepreneur Type

My guest is Lisa Robbin Young. Lisa and I will be discussing how to build a business you love, according to your creative entrepreneur type

Known as “The Courage Catalyst,” Lisa Robbin Young is the founder of Ark Entertainment Media, a business incubator for creative entrepreneurs. She’s helped sales professionals, best-selling authors, actors, musicians, and other creatives make good money doing what they love, and have the time and money to enjoy their life in the process.

An award-winning speaker, writer, and musician, Lisa penned the international business best-seller “The Secret Watch” and her latest solo project, “The Fine Line” is a collection of pop-infused jazz and blues tunes recorded as part of her “300 Songs” project.

Lisa believes that the best way to be truly successful in life and business is to be yourself – warts, sparkles, and all – so you can own your dreams without selling your soul.

You can learn more about Lisa and her work at her website (, on facebook ( or her favorite online hangout, twitter (

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