How to map out your weekly content plan in 6 simple steps


The Secret Recipe for Finger Licking Good Content

You know you need daily content to keep your followers engaged but every time you sit down at the laptop your brain turns into Cream of Wheat. You want to write something that will resonate and make an impact, that will establish you as an expert, or will encourage and amuse but you don’t even know where to begin. Well, buckle up buttercup because I’m going to share a secret recipe with you that’s going to make your life exponentially easier: it’s my secret formula for magically delicious content!

Step One: Go to Your Pantry and Grab a Frequently Asked Question

FAQs are often the first ingredient in your weekly content. The main benefit to an FAQ is that you know it’s something your potential clients and customers are wondering about because it’s what your current clients and customers wonder about. These topics are crowd pleasers because they have value.  One of my FAQs is “What in the world should I write about?”

Step Two: Add a Cup of Personal Experience

Once you’ve got your question, add in your personal experience to provide an answer. For a long time, I struggled to figure out what my friends and followers were looking for on my business page. I wrestled with ideas trying to create content out of air and inspiration but found that while sometimes I’d happen upon a great topic, often I felt lost. That’s when I realized that my clients had been telling me all along what they wanted to know! By asking about my services, the processes I use, and the way that I approach challenges they were actually providing me with a wealth of content ideas.

Step Three: Mix Things Up with a Problem/Solution Story About One of Your Clients

Over the years, I’ve had hundreds of clients who needed help coming up with ideas for content, but one stands out in my memory.  Jessica had been overseeing the content for her family’s business for a while now. She’d built up a great following on Facebook and Instagram for the business pages, but a quick look around showed me that she wasn’t providing the content that her followers wanted to see. Daily she’d post memes and funny videos that almost no one was tuning in to see. Jessica believed that as long as people knew her business’ name that surely they’d hire them—only the problem was that Jessica wasn’t giving them anything to “buy into.” Working together we began to track the questions that people calling into the business were asking and we created content calendars based on those questions. By providing more information about the business, their services, and walking potential customers through a step by step process of what they could expect if they hired her company, Jessica took what had essentially been a family fan club and turned them into educated consumers who not only wanted to call her business but knew why hers was the ONLY business they wanted to call.

Step Four: Whip Up a How-To

Next up let’s create a post that’s a “HOW TO” based on the topic you’ve been covering.  My example would be:


  1.      Choose a Frequently Asked Question that you’ll be addressing all week long. Your first post will be an introduction of the topic posing the question to your readers. “Have you ever found yourself staring at the ceiling chewing on pencil wishing your social media content would write itself? This week I’ve got a super secret recipe for easy and engaging content.”
  2.      Share your experience with the question and how you found an answer.
  3.      Share a client story that illustrates the problem, your solution, and their results.
  4.      Share a step by step HOW TO…

Step Five: Put it All Together

In the fifth step, you’re going to combine all of your ingredients to create a blog post. Make sure you share your experience, your client’s experience, and the steps in your process in the blog.  An inspirational quote can be added for depth and you may also want to link to other blog entries that might be helpful.

Step Six: Garnish with a GREAT Offer!

Finally, you’ll want to tie the week up with an offer to learn more, receive more, or build on the information you’ve provided. You can offer a consultation, a class, resource materials, an eBook, a workshop, or coaching. By providing lots of useful information for fun and for free your readers are sure to be excited about the quality of the information you share with your customers.

By taking a step by step approach to creating content, you’ll engage your readers, inform with information that they’re interested in, and entice them with the opportunity to learn more from you. It’s a system with endless possibilities that are sure to create great results time after time.

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