How to Use Traditional Marketing to Win in Business

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You read the title correctly. I said traditional marketing. You may be wondering why a blog about traditional marketing is on a website from a person who creates and implements digital marketing plans? It’s a good question. Two years ago, I would have been just as surprised about me writing about this topic, but even marketers grow and have to see the errors of their ways.

Today, I realize that traditional marketing is a lost art. We are so quick to run into everything digital and say it doesn’t work. We are also so ready to say traditional marketing doesn’t work. Guess what? Both are true. Neither will work in a silo, but together it’s like listening to a symphony as customers start to find you.

So, here’s my five traditional marketing ideas that should combine with your digital marketing.

Personalization – I am not talking about the customization of adding some brackets in your auto drip emails that add someone’s first name. I’m talking about sending your colleagues, mentors, and clients e-cards. I know still digital, BUT last month I sent a card to all those I appreciate in my business world. Each one was specially picked for the person’s personality and had a private message for the recipient. Those e-cards were a big win in kindness, respect, and personalization.

The Hand Written Thank You Note – Okay, honestly, I’m not the best with this, but when I’m the recipient, I’m over the moon. It makes me want to work with that person just because they took enough time to care. I recommend these for first-time client meetings and 1:1’s with new people. Stand out to be remembered through the noise.

Face to Face Networking – I love to connect digitally, but nothing beats forming face to face relationships. I have done networking for years, and I still get referrals from people I met in networking events because I nurtured the relationship. My recommendation is to try about ten different networking events out and then pick only one to two to do consistently. Once you are consistent, watch your world change. The follow up to this is not only attend the networking event but follow up by meeting people for coffee and finding out how you can help them before you ask them for a referral or business. Follow through on assisting them to and watch that relationship blossom.

The Original Word of Mouth – Don’t be afraid to talk to while you are in line the grocery or at the shopping mall. You never know when someone is looking for exactly what you do. Ask your current clients for referrals, happy clients, will not have have a problem with helping identify the service or product that made their life easier.

Public Speaking – You have expertise that others want to hear. So, while you are out networking, ask people if the people in the groups they belong to need someone speak on the topics surrounding your customer’s pain points. If you are not sure what talk about, we recommend starting with writing down your most frequently asked questions when you meet a new potential client. Make those questions into mini-topics.

What traditional marketing still works for you and your company? Let me know in the comments.

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