Is Your Business Throwing Shade at Summer Vacation Plans?


Let’s talk vacay! Imagine that three of your girlfriends who have 9 to 5 jobs sent you a text that reads, “Sun, sand, beach, tans, tacos, and shopping. Girls trip next week! You in?” You’re an entrepreneur. What’s your reaction?

Read the following descriptions to identify what kind of business leader you are:

  1.     Lone Wolf: This business is set up so that an entrepreneur works harder, longer hours and still can’t afford to take a vacation, never mind leave her business for a for even a few hours much less a week. They started their business because they were passionate about what they do, yet now they are chained to their business. They take on clients that demand their attention and they have no boundaries. Their motto is, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”
  2.     Careless and Carefree: You are similar to the Lone Wolf Entrepreneur, but it doesn’t stop you from taking a vacation. You’re in for the fun but when you return you’re frustrated and upset because while you were away your business was untended. You lost both credibility and momentum so you’ve got an uphill battle on your hands as you rebuild.
  3.     Type A: You are a solopreneur, and you’ve taken the steps to get and stay ahead. You are driven but know that you have to set up your business so that you’re always working ahead of deadlines. If you take a week off, you will be a bit behind, but it won’t drown you. You may find letting go for a week a bit stressful, but you have planned and gotten ahead of the curve so that you could join in on the girl’s trip without any long-term consequences.
  4.     Driven Delegator: You understand the need to shut off and shut down and you can, because you have processes in place due to a great team. You can shut off and know your business will not fall apart. As a matter of fact, you have made more money since you have learned to delegate because you have worked on your business, not in it.
  5.     Beautifully Balanced:  You are the person who has set up their life to love to work a bit every day. You have delegated what you can, you can choose to shut off for a few days or you can work a few hours each day. You know this because you have set up your business to enhance your life.  

Depending on your answer, you may realize that you have some work to do to get to where you want to be on the list. So, here are the steps you can implement to put yourself in a position to say YES! to opportunities for sun and fun.

  • Write the date of your next vacation on your calendar.
  • Write down all the things you need to get done before you leave to go with peace of mind.
  • Make a decision whether you will be shutting down completely or working a few hours a day.
  • Circle all the things on your list you can delegate.
  • Check to make sure you have processes in place to delegate those tasks.
  • Start to delegate them before you leave, so you can free up your time to do the things in your business that you love to do.

Many of us started our businesses so that we have flexibility and freedom and then by holding on to fear and control we block ourselves from our goals. Certainly, we don’t want to abandon our business and hope for the best. Of course, we wouldn’t delegate to people who aren’t responsible, qualified, and trustworthy—but we can put the pieces in place so that when opportunity knocks, we’re prepared to answer.

Which business leader are you? Which are you working toward? 

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