Janet Garraty shares how to Write It Like You Mean It

Join Wendy Manganaro and special guest, Janet Garraty on this week’s Love, Light, and Passion. Janet Garraty is a seasoned newspaper and magazine publisher, content consultant and writer.

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As a former newspaper reporter and insurance fraud investigator, Janet learned how to uncover facts and translate them into a darned good story.

For the past eight years as a content development expert and publisher of Go Jane News, Janet has helped businesses improve their brand’s market position. She works with businesses to create attention-getting content that attracts, engages and converts readers to clients.

Her specialties include web writing, email marketing, presentations, editing and writing other marketing materials all with dutiful attention to who your audience is and what they really need.

She is a graduate of Rowan University and resides in southern New Jersey.

If your messaging efforts are lifeless and ineffective, contact Janet for a complimentary discussion on how to get your content to generate more leads, close deals and retain clients. Learn more by going to WriteItLikeYouMeanIt.com or call her at 609-652-8140. Oh, and Wendy will be pleased to know she is all over social media, on Facebook and LinkedIn and other platforms.

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