L. Denise Jackson

Please join Wendy Manganaro of Social Abundance Marketing and her guest L. Denise Jackson.

With an impressive 25 years of experience in corporate America in consultant and employee roles and coming from a family of business owners, L. Denise holds various certifications across several industries, is an award-winning business development professional, and wrote the first corporate sustainability plan for a 50,000-employee company. Working through the ranks from file clerk into six-figure CEO and manager, having produced and won several contracts worth more than $10 billion for large government contractors nationally, L. Denise began her “retirement career” using her business leadership acumen to guide busy professionals and entrepreneurs through practical steps to take the lead and succeed beyond what they realized. Dubbed America’s Leadership Solutionist, she uses her gifts to find the hidden opportunities and provide customized leadership strategy plans to become more successful and have a larger impact on their company. She helps leaders understand where they fit in the bigger picture and how they affect the bottom line. L. Denise is one of the top Innovative Leadership Strategists on the market today that has a heart for helping leaders succeed in a way they have never done before with solutions that work. She is a social and emotional intelligence expert, executive leader consultant, emerging leadership mentor, keynote leadership speaker, and intrapreneurship consultant. As a success panelist of the daily online show, “The Call,” her approach has been described as driven, honest, and intentional. She is the author of The 7 Steps to Releasing Your Inner Greatness and is working on her next book Manage and Lead Like You Own It!

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