Lisa Winston

Join Wendy Manganaro as she talks with Lisa Winston, Authenticity & Intuitive Life/Business Coach.

Through alignment with true essence, Lisa Winston, Authenticity & Intuitive Life/Business Coach, facilitates transformation in people’s personal lives and conscious businesses. She believes that building a solid inner foundation as well as living from an unshakeable knowing and love of one’s self, is the way to a life of joy, purpose and prosperity. Thirty years of traumatic life experiences helped to awaken her inner fire and propel her into her life purpose. She knows first-hand that everyone has access to the power within to rise above circumstances and thrive.

She now has the honor and joy of assisting others in finding their authentic voice as well as unique passion and purpose. Lisa is about to become an Amazon #1 best-selling author, she’s a teacher, artist, vocalist, mentor and mom. Her certifications: Elementary Education, Spring Forest Qigong, Colon Therapist and Licensed mentor.

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