Making Business Lemonade


What is summer without lemonade? There are two ways to make lemonade, the old fashioned way with lemons and sugar or the quick and easy way using a canned mix and a scoop. Either way, you’ll need to take steps to prepare, gather your ingredients, follow the instructions, and then you can enjoy the sweet taste of summer!

That lemonade has some lessons to teach us as entrepreneurs too. By applying the same steps, we can learn how to create the perfect balance to meet our goals.

Step One: Prep

The first step is deciding what your priorities for this summer are. Do you want time off, do you want to put in extra work, or are you looking for a balance between work and play. Your decision will only be realized if you put action behind it. But you’ll never hit a target you aren’t aiming at.

Step Two: Choose Your Ingredients

When you’re new in business you’re going to need to use fresh lemons, real sugar, and water to make your lemonade. While you’re building your business, you’ll need to take a “hands-on” approach rather than automating or delegating much of your work. Entrepreneurs with more experience may choose to take a short-cut and use “instant lemonade,” using lead magnets, auto-drip emails, as well as auto-posting your social media content.

Step Three: Follow Instructions

When learning to make lemonade the first time, you had to have help (even if you were using the packaged kind!) but many new entrepreneurs launch their business with no guidance at all. These are the owners who are spending thousands of dollars on programs, products, and webinars trying to teach themselves their business or they’re taking action with no real direction hoping that something will work. A coach or mentor is crucial for success. They teach you the basic recipe and then will encourage you to add your own flavor and flair, after you’ve put a solid foundation in place. They’ll also help you relax and enjoy your free time because you won’t be stressed from trying to figure out your next move.

Step Four: Cool it Down & Enjoy

You’ve made your decision, you’ve got the ingredients, you’ve followed the recipe (with the right person to help you learn it), but it’s not quite time to take a drink. You’re going to need to give your systems time to work and your lemonade time to chill. Once everything has come together, it’s time to enjoy both your business and the time you’ve created for self-care. Most entrepreneurs don’t get rich quick, but it is possible to enjoy both the sweetness of self-care with the bright tang of a thriving business.

What steps are you taking to prepare for self-care and business success this summer?

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