It takes more than just placing your name and service onto the Internet to gather a large fan base to “like your page” or “follow you”. When you expand your business to a viral platform, you’re now giving your company an actual persona. You’re bringing life into your brand, making your company a sociable, friendly character. In that comes a new level of commitment to your audience. On social networks, your product becomes an extension of who your brand is while your content draws them into purchasing your product or service. That is the power of social networking.

Millions of users log onto to popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn daily. A study conducted last year has shown that the average American (18 – 64) will spend up to 3.5 hours daily on social networking sites.

The real question is why should your brand invest in social media marketing? Using the proper tools provided by social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn combined with Social Abundance Marketing’s professional branding development, your company will foster an active community of brand advocates looking forward to each tweet, post, and status update. The future of marketing is through social networking. Let us help your brand become Socially Abundant.

Facebook, Algorithms, and Bounce Rate
It's 2 years of helping our clients become Socially Abundant!

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