Measuring and Tracking isn’t Just for Weight Loss – It’s the Key to Social Media Success Too

One of the most important tools for weight loss is measuring and tracking. It’s the only sure way to chart your progress and to figure out how you can make changes for better results. The same is true of your social media. If you’re wondering how well your social media strategy is working you’ve got to put a plan in place to document your progress. Everyone loves those happy little thumbs ups but there are other factors that will give you a more complete snapshot of if and how well your content is connecting with your target audience. Take the time to measure these five areas regularly so you can adjust as needed or build on what’s working!

Like It!

When measuring likes on Facebook or Instagram, what you’re looking for are increases in the number of LIKES on your business page and the likes and comments on individual posts. According to digital surveys, conducted by Social Abundance Marketing, followers are far more likely to buy from a page they LIKE and follow. They’re also more likely to click on an ad from a page they LIKE and follow than a page they don’t.

Love It!

Every social media manager knows that engagement is more important than public displays of affection! While it’s great to get emojis to confirm that your message is connecting, what’s most important is that the message is making it to your audience. You can have a thousand friends following your Facebook business page but if no one is seeing or paying attention to your posts, those likes don’t mean anything! If you want to expand your reach (and who doesn’t!?!) make sure you’re inviting people who have liked a post to like your page.

Gotta Share It!

Are your friends talking about your page? Do they refer you to people they know who are looking for your services? Are they sharing posts that resonated with them? These are some of the best indicators that your content is moving the needle for your business. Some of the best advertising you may ever have can be a follower who doesn’t hire you but shares about your business with others.

Google Your Google Rating!

If you’re waiting for customers and clients to take the initiative to leave a review without requesting it, then you’re waiting too long! Asking for a Google review should be as much a part of your process as asking for payment. If you have concerns about negative reviews, you need to utilize a reputation management system. These systems can be a key to growing your business. Utilizing a reputation management system such as or Review Trackers can catch a bad review before it appears online. Remember, part of marketing is having a follow-up process in place when the job is complete.

Are Your Social Media Followers Taking it to the Next Level?

Another goal that you’ll want to track is how well your social media campaigns are cross pollinating to other platforms. One of the easiest ways to monitor that is to see how well your social platforms are doing in connecting you through messenger and email. Are you receiving inquiries for more information? Are your emails closing the sale? Are you working to add to the only list you truly own—your email list? One of your first goals for your email list is to grow it to 2000 people. Why? So that you can use it on Facebook to track how your subscribers are responding to ads. You can also use email addresses to follow up with people who started to purchase but didn’t complete the transaction and to answer questions or address concerns in a more personal way.

If you’re not tracking your growth with social media, start today. Create a file where you can keep your stats. Put a reminder in your calendar to check your growth regularly. Put systems in place to grow in areas that are weaker than others and if you need help developing a strategy to connect more effectively, invest in a digital marketing coach.

Are you tracking, measuring and analyzing your growth?

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