Myths of Facebook – Part 1

It's really okay to mix business with pleasure.

Stop the Madness! Connect your personal account to your Facebook business account.

It seems that through the years, I have seen some of these myths of Facebook resurface over and again. As a result, they can keep you from growing your business on Facebook.

1. Don’t mix business with pleasure. – I cannot tell you how many business pages I take over and people are still logging into their “business” Facebook profile because they do not want to connect their personal account to Facebook Business Page. It is okay, make your personal account an admin. It will make your posting time more efficient, and you will not lose valuable functions you can only get if you have a real Facebook account connected to your business page. Also, you do not have to make it public who is the page administrator. I manage many pages, and nobody knows because we do not choose to share with others.

2. Don’t friend colleagues. – I hear this all the time, I do not want my business associates to know about my personal business. Two things to note with this myth. The first thing is, if you do not post things that are negative, you do not have to worry about what your colleagues think of your posts. The second thing is if you are still uncomfortable with the possibly creepy person from your office being your Facebook friend, make friends lists. Put the people you do not want to see your updates in acquaintances or a restricted list. When you post share with friends, but not acquaintances or restricted. You will not hurt your colleagues feelings by accepting the friend request, but you will seem like you do not update Facebook much.

3. People rather friend me than go to my business page. – Most of the time, I find that, it is because when a person who wants to do business with you finds you on Facebook, they have no choice but to friend you. ┬áMany people do not have it public where they work. If they do have it public, the link goes to a Facebook made business page of your business page, not your real business page. Connect your business page to your actual business page, so people looking for you have a real choice of whether they want to “friend” you or keep it professional on your company page.

4. It’s okay for me to download other website’s images for my Facebook page. – Nothing is worse than watching a Facebook page steal another person’s or company’s content without asking permission. How do you ask permission by clicking the share button on web content, Facebook photos, and so forth. What you do not do is download and upload it to your Facebook page, unless it is royalty and licence free graphics.

5. People want to see all those before and after photos. – You know exactly the pages or personal accounts I am talking about, they show countless before and after pictures, thinking this is growing their business and people are seeing them. The truth is that if the before and after is not your own, people unless they are selling the same product, are not going to notice. As a matter, if you go running an ad with a before and after picture, Facebook will deny it because it is not allowed on their advertising platform. Although before and afters could be powerful marketing tools, ask the real person who is sharing their before and after to post it on their wall and make the photo public. Then share that picture on your business page. This will link a real person to the account, and if you get a reaction from your audience it will be genuine, not bought.

Stay tuned Myths of Facebook, part 2 of 2.

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