New Facebook Page Updates!

Facebook, one of the few social networking sites that can not stay the same for more than six months at a time. Do not get me wrong, by Facebook constantly changing their many interfaces, it keeps the website fresh and never grows stagnant. So far, each design change for their Newsfeed, Power Editor, and Groups have only been for the better and are welcomed. The latest change Facebook has been rolling out is the new and improved Page Manager interface for your business! Many pages have been asked to switch over however starting today June 27th, you will have your page switched over to this new layout. Want to know what’s new in this update? Well, let’s first take a look at what we’re used to seeing.


Everything that you needed to know that went on with your Page was front and center. Your messages that the Page had received was placed on the right hand side of your Dashboard. Notifications placed on the leftmost side. Directly under the notifications you could view your insights and how to promote your page. Each bit of information available at a quick glance. Then as you scrolled towards the bottom of the Page, you have your business and what your audience would view when they visited your Page. The purpose of this design was information first, then business as usual with postings and engagement. Now, let’s take a look at your new Page Manager.


Introducing the new Page Manager! It’s refreshing to see a layout that seems incorporated with your Page rather than as if you were handed a clipboard with all your information on it. So now,  the giant billboard of a Dashboard is now tucked away into four different tabs placed on the top left hand corner. You have your actual Page, what your audience will be viewing, your Page’s activity, your Page’s Insight, and your Page’s settings. To the right hand corner, your Build Audience tab and next to that, your Help tab. A new addition to Page Manager is your “This Week” analyst which informs you of your latest post reach and new likes. Unlike before when you had received all notifications on the large Dashboard, you will now be able to view your individual message notificatiosn and post notifications under the “Unread” column below the new analyst. Clicking on there or on your new tab will bring you to a separate, dedicated window to view each post or message.


If you have yet to get an invitation to view this new Page Manager, your invite is on the way. Facebook is always making changes for the better and this new update shows. Facebook will make this update mandatory for each Page Manager on June 27th and as always, this date is subject to change.


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