Oge Okosieme

Today’s special guest is Oge Okosieme.

Oge is a business and lifestyle architect and what that means is that she helps entrepreneurial and business women dream, design and activate their ideal lifestyle business.

Her zone of genius is in teaching and mentoring her clients on how to package their wisdom experience and talents into high-end offerings that clients WANT to invest in she is passionate about creating elegant simple solutions to everyday challenges that today’s Awakened woman faces. So her emphasis is on simple elegant and graceful solutions.

She is the creator of Revive Stand Out and Thrive; Business and lifestyle packages and programmes for women who want to wake up, shake up and contribute to the paradigm shift happening in our world today.

Oge is also the author of 10 Self-Care Practices for the Awakened Woman A guidebook for the modern woman who wants to revive her spirit and soul.

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