One size marketing does NOT fit all!

Recently, I started my first business coaching small group. I think it’s just a little crazy that I fought doing it for so long, but I finally couldn’t put it off any longer. The truth is I don’t believe that one approach to marketing fits all. Do you notice how many coaches and so-called marketing experts out there simply try to force their incredibly diverse array of clients into the same mold? It saves them work, but I don’t believe that it gets results. The trick though is that running a small group that still guides different people to success in their respective businesses models becomes perplexing! 

The truth is I know I’m not right for every business. And that’s why I will pass on leads to colleagues when they’re not the right fit. Passing up good business works out for everyone in the long run because my goal is to see business owners be successful, not to personally succeed at the cost of my own integrity and reputation.

You may be thinking, “but aren’t the fundamentals of all marketing the same?” When you coach people or do their marketing for them, are you not following a universal path that you know will work for everyone?

The answer to the question is nuanced, and super important to get right. Yes,the fundamentals are always the same, but how you interpret and apply the fundamentals to your own situation are not. The devil, as they say, is ALWAYS in the details, and that’s why no single approach will ever fit everyone, even if the fundamentals never change.

The question then emerges, what is fundamental and essential, and what is not? How do you tell the difference?  It’s a great question, and one you must answer as you craft the marketing strategy for your company.  A great business coach will know their fundamentals and constantly look for ways to help you apply them in a way that fits your brand and organization with authenticity and flexibility.  That’s exactly the kind of coach I work very hard to be.

In the next post I’m going to give you my four marketing essentials that everyone needs to know and apply.  And in the post after that I’m going to go over four things that don’t matter very much and get people barking up the wrong tree when they overstress them.  You won’t want to miss it!

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