Mindful, Intentional, Strategic

Our Mission

To help you achieve your business goals by delivering a strategic marketing plan that uses content that resonates, stories that sell, and empowers you to grow your business intentionally.

Our Philosophy

When you mindfully market, your target market intentionally buys.

We know that if a business is not intentional in creating time and space to do its marketing, it never gets done. It’s a common trap: business owners and entrepreneurs spend time and energy IN their business, but not ON their business. And as a result, the business assumes a feast or famine mentality. The famine part of this is when businesses intentionally market because they have no clients and are then compelled to accept clients or business that would normally be unacceptable. The short-lived feast happens when the business is overly busy generating unsustainable short-term revenue. When businesses market this way – unmindfully – the results are unintentional and inconsistent. Our strategic plans teach you how to market mindfully for your unique business, reach your target market, produce consistent results, and build relationships that turn into lasting revenue touchpoints.

Intentionally add value, and you will never be undervalued.

Another trap? Fear-based pricing. Many small businesses discount their services in order to win work but end up undervaluing their business. These businesses, if they win the work, have succeeded in quick sales marketing, but failed at value-added marketing. What does this mean? Value-added marketing wins you the right clients, allowing you to have fewer clients overall, but consistently wins you the pay you deserve. Quick sales marketing results in a never-ending cycle of cutting deals not to lose the work, and then, ultimately, never being paid what you are worth.

A strategic marketing plan is the foundation of achieving your business goals.

When we build your strategic marketing plan, we look deep into your target market and outline long term results. We lose the quick sales mentality and start thinking about longevity. We build a map that shows you where your business can go and deliver the playbook that tells you how to get there. A good strategic marketing plan defines your brand and turns past clients into repeat business. And more importantly, it turns your clients into fans, winning you a grassroots sustainable marketing campaign that allows you to have the business you always dreamed of.

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