Are your posts translating to Facebook profile visits?

Is your FB page a Ghost Town or a One-Way to Community Engagement?

How do your Insights look? Is your FB page a Ghost Town or a One-Way to Community Engagement?

Wow! You just wrote up the best Facebook Business Page Post. It’s cute, interesting, and engaging, but will it translate to a Facebook profile visits? You can find the answer to that question under the Facebook Insights tab.

Why is it important to know if you received profile visits based on your content? Similar to having someone Google and find your website, you don’t want them to click-through to one page and leave. You want them to click on multiple pages and invest time getting to know your company online.

On Facebook, you want fans and potential fans to take a moment to click over to your business profile and find out more. The page tab and visits insight allows you to see the dates which had the most profile visits. The days with the most visits usually are directly correlated to the most well liked content. This gives you the ability to test the type of content that brings people for further investigation of your business page against posts they liked, but not enough to invest more time into your company.

Also, if you are a storefront and you are running in person promotions to like your FB page to receive a discount… You can verify the days the promotions worked the best and the days people are in a hurry and don’t bother to like your page for the discount.

Whether you use it to measure content or likes from in store promotions, it is a valuable tool to be utilized for all businesses.

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