Reality Check! The kids are going back to school and you have a business!

Recently, I had a conversation with a few moms who have their own businesses. During the course of our conversation, they all hinted that they were getting back into work mode because their kids were heading back to school.

Most went on to say they needed “to do a marketing thing or something-or-other” to get business in their door again. And I totally get it. In full disclosure, I used to be just like that. I had the same mindset. I wanted a full-time income – with part-time hours – and I would find myself stuck in a crazy hustle to “market” every year once my son was back at school.

In further full disclosure, I could afford to do this, because my husband worked full-time and “carried” us through when I didn’t want to work that hard. And then the day came when my husband had a heart attack and went on disability.

Thankfully, long before that day, I started to realize if I wanted a full-time business with a full-time income, I needed to change my mindset, change my attitude, and most importantly, change my business model.

So, by the time I was sitting in the hospital, waiting to see if my husband would make it through surgery, I had already increased my income dramatically. And thankfully, we didn’t starve to death when my husband had a heart attack and lost his income–because I had already started working like a full-time CEO.

I was building the company I wanted to create. I had left the house, had a coworking spot, and had become consistent in the business I had.

What does consistent look like? For me, it is

  • Working 5 to 8 hours a day, five days a week.
  • Spending 2 hours on each planning my work week.
  • Building in CEO hours to visualize, plan, and create.
  • Marketing online consistently.
  • Networking on and offline on a regular basis.

More importantly, what does consistency help me with?

  • Money abundantly flowing in.
  • Connections for my business and our family’s nonprofit.
  • Plenty of time for focused work.
  • Plenty of time for family.
  • Plenty of time to give back.
  • Plenty of time for self-care.

When I used to “take time off for summer,” I lived every day feeling guilty because I wasn’t working.

When I worked all the time during the school year, trying to “catch up” I lived every day feeling guilty about not doing enough for my son.

Being consistent year-round helped me change that.

What challenges are you facing in your work-life balance?

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