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Are you an entrepreneur who is wondering each day, what will I post on social media today? Are you looking at your first quarter and realize what your post is not working and not getting you any measurable results? As a result, are you starting to give up on social media as part of your marketing tools for your business?

Instead, take a second to imagine if your content on social media brought you the following results:

1. An engaged audience.
2. A content formula that funnels into sales.
3. Peace of mind that you have everything planned, so you will not have to guess what you will post each day.

Is it too good to be true to have an easy content calendar formula? It is not! I am offering a 2-hour content calendar creation sessions to only five individuals in April and May. You will get my undivided attention for two hours to create thirty days of weekly themes and daily content topics.  

For years, I’ve searched for an easy all in one tool to write out my content themes, daily topics, along with what social channels will they be added to. I wanted a place where I can write in what needed to be turned into Facebook ads and what didn’t. What pieces of content require pictures and what does not. It’s so frustrating after looking at every template out there, but then I realized, I needed one that worked for all clients, because it could be individualized for each business.

The other issue I kept running into was business owners knew their business, but they needed coaching on how to turn their knowledge into easy to create content concepts. My clients did not always need a long drawn out contract, because they were not ready to buy an entire six month package, but something they could do themselves in a few hours a month.

Currently, while I’m ending some client projects, before others begin, I’m giving five individuals a chance to sit down to a two-hour Zoom call with me.

By the end of this call you will have:

A Broad Content Theme for one Month individualized to your business and industry.
Four weeks of themes that fall under the broad content theme.
Thirty days of daily content topics.
A breakdown of who will write posts each post for your business, what content will need graphics, which will need to be turned into ads, and what platforms you will need to post on.

This one-time two-hour coaching call is for entrepreneurs who are just realizing the first quarter has passed them by. They have no content strategy to help them harness social media as a tool in their marketing cabinet; it’s also for entrepreneurs who have Facebook fans on their business page and members in their groups, but hear the sound of crickets in spring when they post anything.  And finally, this call is for the entrepreneur who knows all about what they do but has a hard time writing about it in a creative way that is clear and concise for the social media audiences.

The best part of this is once you have this thirty-day content formula, you will be able to use this template over and over again. You can have a recurring content formula that will be easy to fill out after you learn how to during this call. We brainstorm once, you get my secret formula, and can do it yourself or hand it over to someone else to quickly duplicate monthly for your company.

Still, don’t think this Content Coaching Call isn’t for you? Think about one of my favorite quotes before you pass this up: You will miss all the chances you don’t take!

Seriously, if you are afraid to sign up because you are not sure this is for you, don’t worry. You can email me beforehand and ask me any pertinent questions about this offer.

Anyone who signs up for the Content Clarity Coaching will get an additional bonus. If you are one of the five to decide to take me up on this special offer, you will get a bonus sharing what’s the best Facebook Ad Funnel for your business.

How much is this investment to get a thirty-day content calendar? You choose! That’s right, I’m so committed to helping you get your content on tract, I’m allowing you to set the value of this two hour session. No reasonable price offer will be turned down.

What do you get in this two-hour session?

– A two-hour one-time content coaching call on which will help you come up with thirty days of daily topic ideas for your social media.
– The secret to your Facebook Ad funnels for your business.
– Tips and tricks to help on how to write your content quickly and efficiently.

All you have to do is click the button below to signup…

PS – Still afraid this is not for you, do me a favor and send me an email so I can answer all of your concerns to

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