Shaun Stephenson (September 22nd, 1969 – May 18th 2014)

Shaun Stephenson SAM

In memory of our dear friend, Shaun Stephenson. Shaun was an awe-inspiring woman who had the instinctive ability to motivate an individual to achieve so much more than was originally sought. Shaun’s perception of life was one to emulate. Many used her words as a beautifully carved map that lead to joy and self-enrichment. The time Shaun spent here on this earth will be deeply missed by all those who have had the pleasure of talking with her. Her words, actions, and love will also continue to be celebrated throughout the successes of her family and friends. Although Shaun Stephenson might not be here in person to guide us throughout our lives, her manifestations of affection and confidence will forever be in our hearts. 

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