Simplifying Your Summer Content Process


One of the things you’ll notice when surfing the web during the summer months is that there’s a lot of content devoted to the season: vacations, summer reading, and summer fun. It’s tempting to let your social media take a break while you catch some rays but you’re making a mistake if you do! Make sure that while your target market is checking out their friend’s vacation photos that they’re also getting some juicy content from you! Your business page should be at the top of their summer reading list.

I’ve got some tips to simplify your system so that you can provide great content and have some time to take a dip in the pool as well!

  1. Pick an overall theme for the week. By choosing a theme to inform your content, you’ll create some cohesion, and will give them a reason to tune in tomorrow.
  2. Ask a common question regarding the theme and answer it with your content. Frequently asked questions are a gold mine for great content. Remember if one person asked the question, the chances are that many other potential clients have the question but are afraid to ask. By providing the answer before they ask, you create informed consumers and establish yourself as someone who understands where they’re coming from.
  3. Tell your story regarding the theme. By providing a relatable story that mirrors their frustration, fears, and feelings and then providing the solution with your services, you create a connection with your potential client.
  4. Tell a client’s story regarding the theme. Success stories help you create a reputation. Remember your target market wants to know that you understand the challenges they face, you empathize with how they feel about their current situation, and that you have a solution.
  5. Share a more video about the theme. Whether you create a video or a slideshow or go live, you’ll get more attention with a video than any other type of content. Schedule this later in the week in the afternoon to maximize your engagement.
  6. Write a blog about your theme. Your blog is a place where you can bring all of your thoughts together in one place. Don’t worry about saying the same things. It’s rare for someone to see all of your social media posts so there’s sure to be some new information and honestly we take in so much information in any given day that repetition will deepen the connection to your message.
  7. Share a testimonial surrounding the theme. Client testimonials are gold. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need from your clients. You’ve solved a problem (or ten) for them and most are happy to return the favor. Ask them specifically to talk about their experiences surrounding the topic and make sure you’re clear about a deadline.
  8. Finally, give a call to action! Once you’ve shared a week of valuable information, it’s time to get your prospects on the phone, in the office, at your workshop, or on your email list. Some business owners are over-selling (and not providing a good reason why someone should buy), while others are so focused on not being “salesy” that their followers are unclear on how they’d act if they wanted to!

To make this even easier, I have created a content planner that you can download. It allows you to plan easily by adding your theme and then sub-topics. It leaves a space where you can write in which posts will have ads and which posts will need graphics.

Here’s a helpful hint: If you are using the same text in your Facebook posts and Instagram, don’t share your Instagram to Facebook automatically. Use to schedule your Facebook and Instagram posts separately. They have a fantastic feature to search the best hashtags on Instagram that match your post. The reason why you don’t auto-post is that hashtags aren’t typically used to search on Facebook so they don’t need to be included in your Facebook post.

Do you have a system for creating weekly content or do you just post as inspiration strikes?

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