Social Media – A Tool for Social Good

Social Media; Social good

Social Media – Breaking out of the screen to do social good!

If you are old enough, close your eyes and let’s go back to the 1990’s. A time when beepers where the rage and cell phones were the same weight as a small brick. The world of “www” began and multiplied at an unheard of rate. The personal PC was popular and it brought people to all over the world. The same world they had had limited access to before.  You maybe wondering why I’m having you take this trip through memory lane, it’s because I think Social Media was created from the not-so  humble technological beginnings of the 1990’s. I believe it started Social Media started a phenomenon of good in this world that reaches out from one electronic device to another human that is opent to peace, abundance, and love in their life.

I can list a ton of reasons why I love social media and all the good it’s done from personal to my business life. I can see how it has culturally re-shaped a generation. Here are just some of the ways I see it has helped:


1. I live in Kentucky, my Mom in NJ, my sister in Massachusetts. We miss each other, but we stay connected almost daily, since we are all on Facebook.

2. I have connected with most of my childhood friends I have kept up with births, weddings, and their life. We’ve relieved funny memories, and shared some great jokes. I have a better relationship with some of them now, then I did then.

3. Since, I moved to Kentucky at the tail end of 2011. I have left a lot of friends I have met along the way, yet I don’t feel like I miss a beat with them, because we can keep up with each others lives through Facebook.

4. Right after Hurricane Sandy, my husband went to do Storm Damage work in Long Island. I was able to find out about open gas stations, tolls, etc. all by posting on my personal FB page. My friends on the East Coast were happy to help me get information to my husband quickly.


1. Social Media has helped me continue to the face to face conversations after I meet a potential client. I have gotten referrals and been able to just help others by seeing and commenting on their Social Media questions.

2. I’ve been able to make a living and work from home by teaching, coaching, creating strategies, and doing social media implementation.

3. On a less personal note, companies now have the ability to compete with the big girls and boys on a level the playing field when it comes to creating a social business. Everyone has the same access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, etc. Once you have access, it’s all about not allowing half measures within your social media campaigns.

4.  It has helped people connect with others to get employment, share about employment opportunities on a local, nationally, and on global scales. Jobs that would of been much harder to hear about in earlier generations.

5. Social Media has helped people do their jobs better, with the amount of shared resources out there. You can Google anything to find out the best way to achieve your business goals, then follow the thought leaders in an industry via social media to stay connected and continue the conversation.


1. Whether you are talking about local, national, or our global community. Social Media has given everyone a voice to help change the world.

2. An online petition can be created and sent via social sites instantly.

3. News is being reported to keep the world in the know as it’s happening.

4. Countries have had governments come down, elections have been one, all from social media.

5. Social Media has helped find lost people to find lost things after tsunami’s. It has helped abandoned animals home.

These are only some of the good that has good that has come from social media. Have a specific story about how social media has changed your life or community for the better? Or do you utilize social media for social good? Post it in the comment section.




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