Social Media Spring Cleaning

8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself to Figure Out How to Polish Your Facebook Business Page


While Mother Nature may still be making up her mind about spring, the calendar tells us that it’s time for sunnier days, warmer weather, and spring cleaning! This month we’re going to do a SOCIAL MEDIA SPRING CLEAN! First up let’s take a look at our Facebook Business Page and make sure everything is spic and span there.


  1.      When is the last time you updated your About Us Page?

It’s time to do a quick audit and update as needed. Often, we write our bio when we’re just setting up our business, before we’ve polished our message or landed on a tagline that fits. Make sure your About Us page reflects who you are not just who you were when you began.

  1.      Does your About Us Page have the year and month you started on it?

You may want to add this information to build confidence with potential clients or customers.

  1.      Are your hours up to date?

Is your pricing indicated with the right number of $$$? While these may seem insignificant to you, this is information that may matter to someone who doesn’t have experience with your company yet.

  1.      Have you chosen a photo and written your company story?

Think about the photos you choose for your profile picture and your cover. You’d be surprised how many business owners post photos that don’t reflect who they are or what they do. This is a mistake. Make it easy for people to recognize your business and to see that the business is yours.

  1.      If you have a brick and mortar space, do you have an address, phone number, and information on where to park on your page?

A photo of your building as your cover, your profile picture, and/or on your About Us page will help visitors find you if they happen to get turned around.

  1.      Do you have the tabs on your Facebook page in the right order?

Did you know you can change them? (Settings, Templates & Tabs, click & drag to rearrange.) You’ll want to rearrange the tabs in a way that makes sense for your business. For example: If you are an artist, having the “photo” tab first makes the most sense, followed by your “about” tab. By showing people your work first, then giving them easy access to contact information or a link to your website will make connecting with you as simple as possible.

  1.      How is Your Content?

Is your content consistent and cohesive or is it erratic and scattered? Are your posts informational or do you just post whenever you’re hustling for sales? In order to get outstanding results from social media, you need to make sharing quality content a priority. Creating posts that follow a topic for several days or even a week or two creates informed consumers. You’ll attract more potential clients or customers with a combination of informational posts and the occasional call to action.

  1.      Are there enough people who LIKE and FOLLOW your page? If your business page isn’t growing, you need to take steps to cast a wider net. Are you inviting people who have liked your posts to follow your page? Have you invited your personal Facebook friends to like your business page? Have you created campaigns to add new Facebook friends? If you haven’t it’s time for an email blast, a contest, or it’s time to send a personalized request to your Facebook friends!

By taking stock of your Facebook Business Page and viewing it with fresh eyes you’re sure to find a few things that need freshening up. Rewrite sections that don’t sparkle. Change out photos that are outdated. Rearrange things or change your page layout in a way that makes the most sense for your audience. Then get busy sharing your purpose and your passion with fresh new content. Take these steps and you’re sure to catch the eye of someone new!

Spring Cleaning: Audit Your Social Media for Consistency

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