“Spring Cleaning” Audit Traditional Marketing



We all know that no matter how many times we tell people digital marketing will always reach more people than traditional marketing, we will always have companies that insist on traditional marketing. So if you are going to do it, then here are the ways to audit what you have and it’s success.

Are you ensuring your traditional and digital marketing has the same branding? So many times companies do a traditional marketing campaign and nothing is mentioned in their digital marketing about it. Or, the look and feel so that your company is noticed as one in the same doesn’t happen. A branding sheet helps all companies who work on your marketing keep the same look and feel of your marketing.

Are you ensuring your traditional marketing isn’t done in a silo? I can’t tell you how many people utilize several different companies to market. And this is okay, but are the companies who are used to working with each other, so the left knows what the right is doing? I recently was at a networking event where someone shared the story, that a media ad was being built to play during a popular tv spot. They told the in-house web team only 48 hours before airplay. Why does this matter? Because if the traditional ad does well and thousands of people go to the website to enter the contest they were running, it would have crashed.

Planning and communication is key when planning a traditional marketing event.

Don’t forget to collect emails. If you have a table at an event, which is considered traditional business building, make sure you are getting emails. Emails are the only thing you can own to successfully so you have your own clients.

Traditional marketing is always more expensive than digital marketing, when it comes to ROI, because you can’t do traditional marketing once and expect hundreds of calls. It won’t happen. The marketing rule of “7” should be followed. You will need to “touch” a potential customer “7” times to have them want to do business with you. So, for instance, you would have to be in a magazine for 7 months, before recall happens. When mixed correctly, traditional marketing could do the initial touch and lead them to your digital marketing, allowing a more affordable way to mix traditional and digital marketing.

Do you have a tracking method of the traditional marketing you do? For instance, do you have a special number, email, or website for when you put ads in magazines or billboards so you know when people are coming from traditional marketing?




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