Thanksgiving 2013



May we bring peace, love, and shelter to our fellow men and women.

I am feeling truly blessed and humbled this Thanksgiving 2013! Several non-profits last night went down to the Louisville waterfront including my husband’s new one, Fed with Faith! The goal was to feed and give clothes out to the most forgotten population. We got their a little earlier than some of the more established non-profits and got to meet a homeless couple on bikes that had just come from Florida. It was freezing out and they still had no real coat or clothes for this weather. Thanks to the generous donations from the members at Beargrass Christian Church we were able to give them, gloves, hats, scarves, blankets, personal hygiene items, etc. The other volunteers from another non-profit fed them and got them a tent and tarp. Since, they were on bikes and couldn’t carry all their stuff back… My husband and I plus a couple of our friends from Beargrass did loops waiting for them to catch up on their bikes, so we could deliver the new goods they had received.

We then left their location and went to another camp. We met a great dog and a few others who could not come down to the waterfront, but stay together in their camp. They were also grateful for the donations of scarves, a suitcase, clothes, and various other items.

Here is the most amazing part of the experience. None of the men or women who came to seek things to keep them warm in their limited shelter took more than what they needed. They wanted to leave things and share it with others who may come afterwards that may need it more. My heart was so touched by the respect they had for their fellow humans. I would of gave them anything and everything we had. My husband tried to, as he literally took his own coat off, because we didn’t have a coat who fit the man from Florida.

On this day of thanks, I am thankful, truly thankful for everything we have. I am more thankful for everything I am able to share with others. For it is with giving that one receives. Have a blessed day!

Happy New Year!!!!
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