The number one question to ask prospective newspapers: Where are all the baby boomers?

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  • A quick review of wrap-around marketing and why it’s how you need to think to maximize exposure to your ENTIRE target market
  • The biggest misconception I encounter about baby boomer media consumption and why it costs you valuable leads
  • Why newspaper NEEDS to be part of your marketing plan
  • The #1 question to ask prospective newspaper advertising partners to maximize exposure to your target market



Welcome back to our series about wrap-around marketing!  In case you missed the last post, you can check it out hereBut if you’d prefer a summary, we introduced the concept of “wrap-around marketing.”  In short, wrap-around marketing is any strategy that creatively combines techniques and elements of both traditional and digital marketing with the intended effect of increasing the effectiveness of both.  Unless you’re thinking this way, I guarantee you are missing out on valuable leads for both patients and referral partners, and it may not be who you think!


In this post, I will share the #1 question to ask prospective newspaper advertising partners.  As you’ll see, it’s a critical wrap-around marketing question.  But first, we need to clear up a major misconception that I often encounter about the nature of your target market and how they engage with media.


I repeatedly hear the major misconception: baby boomers are not social media-savvy, and they will respond only to print marketing.  Hold the presses because this couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth, and if you get stuck in this mindset, I guarantee you are missing out on valuable lead generation.


I notice many of our companies don’t expect the 65+ crowd to be on Facebook, but recent surveys have shown that they are in abundance!  Most people don’t realize that people aged 35 and older are the ones who use Facebook the MOST, and so these companies neglect to use content that genuinely engages and provokes a reaction from those in that age group.


Again, for the record, Baby Boomers are absolutely on Facebook, AND they still read newspapers, so newspaper needs to be part of your strategy, but perhaps not in the way you think.  It needs to be the wrap-around way.  And let me clarify: I’m not saying to put a whole bunch of your marketing dollars into something like Valpak and mailers with coupons. You’ll attract only people who will want to use you during coupon season and are always sniffing for a bargain.  You don’t want them!


But I DO recommend looking at the newspapers in your area, albeit with one important disclaimer because we know your target demographic reads newspapers AND is also active online and with social media.  Whenever you are evaluating a new newspaper, ask for both the print circulation AND the online subscription base, as well as their social media following.  A successful newspaper that is good for your marketing will have high metrics in all three of these areas.  You will find a newspaper that meets these criteria to be more expensive, but the response and ROI are worth it.  To confirm your results, I recommend that you always use a specific call tracking code for each different newspaper platform.  I recommend getting VERY specific, with different codes for digital and print ads, so that you can more wisely allocate your marketing dollars in the future based on the results you see.


To reiterate, one of the worst traps you can fall into with your marketing is focusing exclusively on online or traditional techniques to the exclusion of the other.  Either way, you are leaving out crucial portions of your target market.  Do baby boomers read newspapers?  YES.  Are baby boomers active on social media?  Also YES.  It’s “both and!”, not either/or.  Our wrap-around approach to marketing covers all the bases and gives you exposure to all segments of your target market.


Need help thinking through your newspaper strategy?  We’d love to help!  Just reach out to us for an initial consultation here. 


In our next blog, we’re going to question everything you thought you know about cold calling.  This ain’t your granddaddy’s cold call, and I guarantee you’ll be delighted by how much more easy, fun, and effective the wrap-around marketing mindset brings to this classic but much-dreaded sales technique.  I’ll see you then!


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