The secret 5-step process to converting contacts to referral partners on LinkedIn

In this post you will learn…

  • Why, as a B2B, you can’t afford NOT to be on LinkedIn
  • Why LinkedIn is not working for you
  • The secret 5-step process we teach to make LinkedIn work for you
  • The service we offer for you to attract and convert B2B clients on LinkedIn while you focus on the work you actually love!

I think LinkedIn is probably the most misunderstood social media platform.  Think about it.  We’re all on so many social media platforms these days, and we all know they are really important for doing business.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even TikTok!  We all know that we are missing out on important opportunities if our businesses and practices do not have a presence on social media.  But LinkedIn is special because, while the others offer important support for businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is the ONLY social media platform that is 100% devoted to work-related things.  Presumably, we should all be doing TONS of business on LinkedIn, making contacts, starting sales conversations, closing sales, building referral partnerships.  And yet, from my personal experience, I can tell you that for most professionals and business owners LinkedIn is not a major part of their strategy.  But, I think it could be, and the problem is not with LinkedIn, but the way professionals approach it.  Read on, and I will help you understand it better so that you can take the first steps to creating highly profitable referral partnerships on LinkedIn TODAY!


First of all, most medical practices need to focus on both patient attraction AND B2B (business to business) processes.  You need effective systems to attract individual patients and establish and cultivate referral partnerships equivalent to dozens of new individual patients each year.  If you rely on strong referral relationships or other B2B channels to fill your practice, you can’t afford NOT to be using LinkedIn to its full potential.  I repeat, if you wish to use referral partnerships to fill your practice, LinkedIn MUST be a central pillar of your networking strategy.  If it’s not, you need to change that today.  But I’m here to help.  And I’m going to give you our magic, super-secret formula to find, attract, and establish high-quality referral partnerships using LinkedIn, you lucky duck! 🙂

It’s a simple, 5-step process:

  1. Put up content to become visible and show your expertise –
    Yep, you need to create consistent and compelling content.  After all, LinkedIn IS social media, and those feeds keep scrolling endlessly.  You need to post continuous content that engages your ideal referral partners and positions you as the expert in your field so they trust the experience you will offer to their valuable clients.


  2. Intentionally connect to potential partners in your target market –
    You need to be proactive and look for referral partners who fit your geography and demographics.  Do your research and send connection requests to your fellow professionals so you can establish and cultivate mutually beneficial referral relationships.  Always think “win/win/win” – you win, your partner wins, and the patient wins!


  3. Start a relationship-based conversation with your contacts. 
    Remember, IT’S NOT A SALES CONVERSATION!  Don’t go right for the kill.  You need to get to know them and start a relationship.  If it’s on LinkedIn, everyone knows it’s about closing new business in the end, but think about the live networking events you have attended and model your conversations on that winning formula.  Avoid talking about you.  Make it about THEM and what you learn about them from their profile.  Talk about stuff that they like so that they enjoy and trust you.  That always needs to happen before the business gets done.


  4. Ask, don’t tell. 
    After you start and sustain conversations and focus on them, eventually, you can and should bring it around to how you can help them, but artfully, and only at the right time.  If you get a sense that you can solve their problems, tactfully gauge their interest in learning more about you.  But always ASK if they would like to learn more about you before telling.


  5. Add value to entice them onto your e-mail list. 
    Your goal here is not to close the sale, but to get them to take the next step, usually joining your e-mail list.  To do this, offer something valuable but free, like a spot at an informative online workshop you are doing, a free report, or a blog post you have written that speaks directly to one of the struggles or frustrations you have discovered through your conversation.  Joining your e-mail list is a worthwhile exchange for the valuable free content you will reward them with.

LinkedIn is POWERFUL, but like all things in business, you need to do it the right way, because doing business is always a careful social dance.  But if you follow the 5 steps outlined above, I guarantee that LinkedIn will become a central pillar of your B2B referral strategy.

Does that seem like a lot of work?  I have more great news for you.  At Social Abundance Marketing, we can do all 5 of those steps for you!  We happen to be pros at just that kind of thing, and we love nothing more than taking care of it so that you can focus on providing top-quality care to your patients.  We will manage the ENTIRE process for you, from creating content, finding contacts, and starting and sustaining conversations. We’ll do it in a completely professional and entirely authentic way to you and your practice.  If you would like to know more about how we can help you with that, reach out to us here



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